Audio: Using the D.A.F.T. System to Organize Work Flow

Andrea Cannavina is a legal virtual assistant helping law firms and other service based businesses upgrade to a digital workflow so everyone can work securely from anywhere.

Those who know Andrea know she will help you with a click of her keyboard. Before you’ve ever finished the sentence, ‘Can you help me with…? she’s figured out a solution. Seriously! She’s sharp, generous and very, very skilled.

In this guest lecture, she and I talk about her D.A.F.T. system for handling e-mails and which has now become the exclusive way I handle the literally hundreds of e-mails I get almost daily. The .pdf is free at her website. Listen as we discuss and resolve how to handle one of the biggest work-flow hurdles – ‘the inbox.’
The interview runs approximately 50 minutes.

Download (.MP3)

With 10 years of practical experience helping solo practitioners, entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, small to mid-sized law firms and other businesses, Andrea confidently provides a greater depth of knowledge and service to everyone she consults. Andrea understands that each business has unique goals, needs and challenges. She has researched, compiled, and tested technology to find the most effective, efficient systems for any business to get more done with less – less time, less resources and less stress!

As a Master Virtual Assistant and Certified EthicsChecked™ VA, Andrea has very high standards of ethics, security and quality. She is dedicated to delivering exceptional service using the best technology available while also protecting the confidential nature of all information entrusted to LegalTypist.

The mother of two, Andrea lives on Long Island with her husband, Dan. In her spare time, Andrea enjoys camping, cooking and hanging with her family and friends.

Check out her website and follow her on Twitter.

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