How Career Counselors Can Help Law Students Go Solo

On January 27th of this year I had the distinct privilege of educating more than (70)seventy (113) one hundred and thirteen career counselors on how they can help their law students and grads who either want to go solo or feel they have no option but to go solo.  I thank Amanda Ellis of Amanda Ellis Legal Search for providing this wonderful opportunity.

The very fact so many career counselors were interested in this topic is very heartening, at least for me, because this has been a mission of mine – educating those who directly influence students about their career decisions that wanting to open a practice upon graduating is  not an unworthy effort for their students nor irresponsible, expensive, or inevitable malpractice.

In my opinion, career service counselors have an affirmative obligation to be open-minded and knowledgeable about all possibilities for all of their students, providing guidance, resources and support especially in this market when there are few guarantees of employment.

For those who think document review is a stepping stone for many of these students please read ‘Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheap Software.”

It is…”estimated that the shift from manual document discovery to e-discovery (will) lead to a manpower reduction in which one lawyer would suffice for work that once required 500 and that the newest generation of software, which can detect duplicates and find clusters of important documents on a particular topic, could cut the head count by another 50 percent.”

You need to be helping your students now more than ever.

If you are a Dean of Students, career counselor, or Director of Alumni, I invite you to listen.  If you want to learn more about how you and your school can help your students through our special programming, please contact susan (at)


If you are a law student who wants your school to work with Solo Practice University®, provide your career service counselors and Dean of Students a link to this post and ask them to listen to this teleseminar. Then have them contact me.

We’re ready to help.

This teleseminar runs approximately 40 minutes. Note: The audio ends abruptly after several book recommendations due to a minor technical malfunction.

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13 comments on “How Career Counselors Can Help Law Students Go Solo

  • One of my favorite people, Simone Leavenworth from UTexas’ CSO, was on this call. That says something to me about her commitment to those of us looking to hang a shingle. In a world of doubters, Simone has been nothing but supportive. She said the call was great, and now that I’ve heard it I agree. (UT also has a lot of Amanda Ellis fans)

  • As always Amanda and Susan bring fabulous information to the profession, be it want-to-be solo’s or the people helping them make that decision and choose which path to take.
    Having someone in a guidance position who has current information about going solo they believe in, to help a new or rezooming attorney, would will be a God send. Thank you both for a wonderful webcast. Now make sure the listener takes the information and believes!

  • I hope that some law school career counselors take this to heart as it would have made things simpler for me to have more guidance when I decided to go solo.

  • Yes, for all great men or women need tools to work with. My father as a legal counsel, always believed in support because it what make helps a man determine his course. Your work Susan is one of the greatest indeed as you bring knowledge and enlightenment to those who educate and enlighten others. Had my counselor worked with you, I could have taken the ‘lawful’ path instead of venturing into finance. :-) More power to you.

  • While in law school, a career counselor never even discussed with me the option of being a solo attorney. I had to talk with other colleagues and mentors for solo practice guidance. I hope career counselors start encouraging legal entrepreneurship!!

  • I think law school placement staff are coming around to the notion that new grads can start their own firm and be successful. I was at the ABA Annual Conference in Chicago and discussed this same topic with a few law school reps in attendance. They were interested in hearing my point that it is feasible with the right tools.

  • I met a woman last week-end who wants to offer life coaching to high school, college, and grad school graduates. What a great idea. She could deliver it as online programs to make it more affordable and available.

  • Good that law schools are helping law students get prepared for the outside world in an area of employment that makes up such a large proportion of lawyers.

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