Important Announcement, SPU Classes in January…and Much More


We want to give you a heads up! Within the next week or so Solo Practice University will not only be upgraded and sporting a new hairdo, we’ll also be introducing a new tuition structure.  If you’ve been considering enrolling, you may want to lock in the current tuition today.  With more than 700 individual classes and many more to come, now might be the perfect time to join us on the inside while getting the benefit of locked-for-life tuition at our current pricing!

Now on to the January recap!

All across the United States it seems January showcased historic snowfalls and arctic cold.  Being housebound, it was (and is) a great time for settling in with a warm and cozy laptop and catching up on the latest SPU classes and blog posts:


Brian Herrington‘s most recent class is on Deconstructing A Class Action Complaint in Class Action Law

Lesson 5 of I’ve Been Grieved. Now What? is I did something wrong, now what? by Elizabeth Granoff

Ed Poll had three new segments in LawBiz Management: 8 Action Steps To Stay Afloat, Rule 1.17, Lawyers As A Profit Center

For an Update on the Status of VLOs in New Jersey check out Stephanie Kimbro‘s Virtual Law Practice classroom. Also in Steph’s classroom this month: Nostradamus of Legal Tech: Susskind Makes 2011 Predictions

Lesson 1 of Understanding and Working with Juries in the 21st Century is Doug Keene, Ph.D.‘s Introduction to Witness Preparation

Another course has premiered with Caren Schwartz- Introduction to Billing and Accounting

Katherine Frye posted Lesson 5 – Parental Alienation in Child Custody: Start to finish…is there an end??

Richard Maseles gives some information on Court Communications in Real World Legal Research

Lesson 6 in Kira Fonteneau’s Landlord Tenant Law is Traps for the Unwary Landlord

Chris Hill posted Class 16: Insurance Coverage for Your Clients in Construction Practice 101

Gerry Oginski explains how This Lawyer Broke the Cardinal Rule of Attorney Video Marketing in Creating Online Video for Attorneys

Guest Lectures

We are kicking off a new series of free audio guest lectures at Solo Practice University. These lectures will feature our faculty experts discussing ‘What’s New’ in their own practice areas or their specific areas of business expertise. The audio series is simply called – you guessed it -  ‘What’s New?’ We’ll feature a new guest lecture approximately every other Tuesday.  We hope you benefit from them and share the links with others!

First up was talented smart marketer, Mark Merenda with his audio lecture on Smart Marketing for your law firm  in 2011.

New Monthly Columnist

We have a new monthly columnist at SPU  – Suzanne Meehle.   She will be sharing commentary about her journey From Big Law to Solo the fourth Thursday of every month. Her first column is FGEs And Why I Love Them – check it out!  We’ve all had FGEs!

Best of January Blog Posts

Is Law School a Losing Game? We Asked. This has been a much listened to and talked about teleseminar Q & A with Rachel Rodgers and Jack Whittington.  If you are in law school or a new grad you can’t afford to miss it!

What’s Happening to Your Client in 2011? Do you really know?  If not, it’s time to find out!

How Major Changes in Our Daily Living Will Impact Solos (Part I) and (Part II)

Would a Virtual Law Office Work for You? by Debra Bruce

The Sprint To The Finish by Jack Whittington

Niche Slapped: How I Chose a Niche Area of Law to Practice by Rachel Rodgers

The Best of SPU’s Student Blogs

Lessons from a Master: Jay-Z’s Advice to Dreamers

Live Blogging the TBON meeting

Law School as Preparation

Sony Sues Geohot

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Remember, if you or someone you know has been thinking about enrolling at Solo Practice University, now’s the time to do it lock in tuition rates.  SPU is a great value at any price.  But if you can grab a lower tuition, why not!

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