11/7 SPU/MyShingle Meetup – New York City

It’s now official!  Carolyn Elefant and I are having an ‘official’ yet very informal meetup for whomever would like to join us on Sunday, November 7th, 5:00 at RARE Bar and Grill 152 West 26th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue.

We’d both like to extend a big thank you to Tim Baran who scouted out a location which is fun, has good food and reasonably priced so we can all have a great time taking some of these online relationships offline – which are the absolute best. How do I know they are the best?  How do you think Carolyn and I met!

If you have an interest in joining us, please RSVP in the comment section or DM or e-mail me:  susan (at) solopracticeuniversity.com

Running list of attendees:
Susan Cartier Liebel,
Carolyn Elefant,
David Schnurman,
Jeff Reekers,
Tim Baran,
Andy Barovick,
Gerry Oginski,
Lurie Daniel Favors,
Judy Young,
Paul Jeff Perez,
Veronica Escobar,
Jaimie Field,
Fred Abramson,
Glen Dornfeld,
Lisa Solomon,
Cari Rinker,
Nicole Green,
Jiah Kim,
Amanda Ellis,
Jeena Belil,
Greg Gordillo, Corinne Tampas,

….this is just the beginning.

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