Faculty Announcement – Roman Matatov

Roman Matatov is a Forensic Accountant and Business Appraiser. He will teach a course called “Principles of Financial Forensics” at Solo Practice University®.

Roman Zaurovich Matatov is a Forensic Accountant and Business Appraiser, specializing in business and intellectual property disputes. Mr. Matatov’s practice also includes appraising intangible assets, intellectual properties and business interests; commercial and matrimonial litigation support; investigative accounting; and insolvency and reorganization work for troubled businesses.

Mr. Matatov is engaged by clients to assist with disputes and valuations in various industries including animation, branded apparel, consumer electronics, food technology, hospitality, insurance underwriting, internet and traditional retail and wholesale, pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, real estate development, and telecommunications. He has been involved in several high-profile and complex matters, including determining trademark damages related to billions of dollars of alleged infringing sales; valuing the brand and patented technology for a food technology company; calculating the destroyed value of several businesses affected by the September 11th terrorist attacks; investigating malpractice related to a “Big Four” audit of an international company; and tracing recoverable assets in connection with a well-known, multi-million dollar mortgage fraud. 

Mr. Matatov’s earlier diverse background includes private industry accounting and taxation for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Mr. Matatov frequently presents before professional associations and currently teaches M.B.A. students Principles of Forensic Accounting at his alma mater.

Syllabus – Principles of Financial Forensics

Course Description

This course introduces students to the various facets and Principles of Financial Forensics as they exist in practice today. The course introduces the lawyer to forensic accounting, the role of the forensic accountant as an expert and to the legal and business environment within which the expert operates.

Topics include fraud, business litigation, business valuations, business “divorce”, matrimonial divorce, and bankruptcy and reorganization The topics will be taught through an examination of the underlying principles and related case studies.

The focus of the course is on the practical nature of financial forensics, scenarios, and practical illustrations and how they are utilized in the representation of your clients.

We will examine the following major topics:

  • Litigation Services Provided by Accountants
  • Fraudulent Financial Reporting
  • Asset Misappropriation
  • Divorce Accounting
  • Business Valuation Overview
  • Business Valuation Approaches
  • Economic Damages
  • Business Divorce
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  • Wow! Your offerings just keep getting better and better! Thanks, Susan. I can’t wait to take this class.

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