Audio: Building Authority Over Time The Right Way (SEO)

David Wolf is an SEO & Internet Marketing Strategist. He provided a guest lecture  on August 24th called “Building Authority Over Time The Right Way – SEO, Social Media, & What It All Means To The Marketing Lawyer” at Solo Practice University®.

As an SEO & Internet Marketing Strategist Mr. Wolf has been building his expertise in various fields within the internet marketing genre. He is currently the V.P. of Internet Marketing Strategies for InBusiness, Inc. of Orlando overseeing  a combined client marketing budget of more than 2 million annually. A large portion of this is comprised of businesses spending less than $5000/month on marketing and advertising. Mr. Wolf is a graduate of the University of Central Florida holding a degree in Finance, and has been acknowledged for his unique ability to convey complex ideas in a simple, understandable manner. Mr. Wolf is also the Internet Marketing trainer for the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program.

Syllabus – Building Authority Over Time The Right Way – SEO, Social Media, & What It All Means To The Marketing Lawyer

SEO & The Search Engine Equation From 50,000 Feet

  • Learn what the most important website factors are for high rankings and what to leave alone so you don’t waste your time
  • Learn the five most important factors agreed upon by industry experts in the 2009 SEO Ranking Factors Survey
  • Understand how the percentages break out in the bulk of the rankings equations that Google uses and why they matter

Common SEO Tactics In The Legal Industry For Marketing

  • What the big boys are doing and why it works
  • Learn the different strategies that were once effective, but are not as effective today
  • Understand why creating real value and real world authority is the best way to get higher rankings
  • What’s a Blog Roll? (No, we’re not talking sushi). Why it matters. Doing it right. Doing it wrong.
  • How to identify how strong your competition is and what is working for them

Online Actions Every Lawyer Should Be Taking

  • What is Google Places and how do you get to the top of the your most important venue for local marketing
  • What are the key elements to a successful website
  • How to publish effectively
  • Building authority in a crowded market place
  • Understanding the snowball effect

Leveraging Social Media For Better Organic Search Rankings

  • Turn social media from a tool to a weapon
  • Asking for the sell

Useful Tools

  • How to determine when to outsource internet marketing and when to do it yourself

This guest lecture is about 78 minutes. Listen directly below.

Download (.MP3)

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