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Let’s face it.  As we have more and more contact information to share, we load up our signatures until the text following our e-mail is ridiculously long and cumbersome.  I’ve certainly been guilty of this as are others I know.  Or, we don’t use our signatures effectively.

Now there is WiseStamp.com, a very cool plug-in my tech guru, Dave Carson, found.  It works with all major e-mails and allows you to customize your signature with urls, RSS, social media icons, chat icons, images and more in a very user-friendly way. (This is a Firefox plug-in.)

Of course, there may be a temptation to overload, again, as Dave made a point of telling me after my first attempt.  Of course his is cool:
Here is my (almost) final product.
My favorite part of this service (which is in beta) is feeding the RSS from SPU into my signature block. It changes every time I post to my blog.  It keeps my signature block dynamic without any effort on my part. And I didn’t have to be ‘techie’ or know code. If I created mine so can you.

So, if your struggling with your signature block, trying to make it more effective without going over the top and are using Firefox as your browser, check out Wisestamp.com

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