100 Lifetime Scholarships Awarded To SPU Within Three Weeks!

This is SO exciting and immensely gratifying.

David and I wanted to start building the Solo Practice University™  community by awarding 100 free scholarships to current law students who have expressed a sincere interest in going solo.  It was fairly easy to find them because Solo Practice University E-zine™  has more than 1000 active subscribers and over 200 of those subscribers identified themselves as students.  By broadcasting our message through the e-zine to the ‘students’ it was easy to hand out a significant number of the scholarships.

Then we brought our offer to the 800 subscribers of the Solo Practice University™  blog because, again, you as a subscriber have expressed sincere enthusiasm for the mission of Solo Practice University™ .  Finally, the offer was announced to my loyal Build A Solo Practice, LLC™ subscribers.

Within three weeks 100 Lifetime Scholarships to SPU have been awarded!

By providing these scholarships we are reinforcing that our mission at Solo Practice University™  is truly about helping those lawyers who want to succeed in creating and growing their own solo legal practice.  By granting these scholarships we are helping the recipients overcome many of the traditional hurdles encountered by providing outstanding education, community and support.

The scholarships were handed out to students across all law school tiers, states and countries.  The majority went to students currently enrolled in U.S.  law schools.  However, we have scholarship students in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Africa, China, India and Canada. Their stories are the same.  There is no support in law school for those who wish to go solo and what we are providing is ‘sorely needed.’  And as many said, ‘Solo Practice University™  is filling a void’.

For those who have applied for scholarship, we will be notifying you shortly.  Please make sure you put susan (at) solopracticeuniversity.com in your approved e-mail so you are sure to receive the good news as well as further instructions.  And please make sure you sign up to receive the e-mail updates from Solo Practice University™  or subscribe to the RSS if you haven’t done so already.

We would also like to acknowledge those who just graduated and took the bar exam.  We received your  requests asking if you were eligible given you are caught in limbo between taking the bar and waiting on results.  It was a tough decision but we had to draw the line at ‘currently in law school.’  Know that we are keeping you in mind when figuring out our program offerings.  So stay tuned.

Again, thank you to all who applied. Your enthusiasm for what we are trying to create just makes us work that much harder to bring you an amazing experience :-)

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5 comments on “100 Lifetime Scholarships Awarded To SPU Within Three Weeks!

  • Congrats to the 100. To the 100, you are about to embark on an adventure at SPU like no other. When you are given the chance, dig in and absorb everything you can like a sponge.

  • Congratulations to the scholar recipients and kudos to Susan. The SPU project will provide an invaluable resource to the solo practitioner. In my opinion it has the potential to revolutionize the solo practice arena. I am very excited to hit the ground running.

  • Susan, congratulations on getting this up and running and congratulations to the students. This seems like a fantastic enterprise. All the best!

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