Current Law Students Eligible for Lifetime Scholarships at SPU

On August 20th we broadcast a special message to subscribers of our Solo Practice University™ E-zine who identified themselves as ‘students’:

Perks of Being A Law Student (And Subscribed To This E-zine)

There are some perks to being a law student!

When you subscribed to this e-zine,  you identified your status as that of a ‘student’.  And I am all about helping law students.

If you have been following our progress at  Solo Practice University™ then you know we are building a revolutionary new web-based educational and professional networking community for lawyers and law students.

Here comes the perk.  We need you to help us private beta test the site.  And as a thank you for helping us to private beta test the site, you will be able to enroll at Solo Practice University™ tuition-free….for as long as you remain a practicing lawyer.

We haven’t announced to the general public yet that Solo Practice University™ will be an extremely high value, low tuition membership site, but we’re pretty confident most readers have already figured this out :-)

But that won’t be an issue for those who help us private beta test because they will be on ‘full’ scholarship for being the earliest adopters.

So, if you have a genuine interest in going solo, please send me a confidential e-mail at susan (at)  confirming:

  • your law school status;
  • your law school;
  • whether you remain sincerely interested in going solo;
  • why going solo is your chosen route for practicing your profession;
  • how you think Solo Practice University™ can help you achieve your goals;
  • your personal e-mail address AND your school e-mail address (both required).

We will make available 100 scholarships to current law students.
This means you will be starting your 1L, 2L or 3L  (or 4L if you are part time) year at law school in September 2008.

If you know of others who may want to participate, please let them know this opportunity exists and to send me an e-mail at susan (at) with the requested information.

We have 37 24 10 scholarships left (as of 12:00 p.m. 8/31)

If you a current law student, or someone you know is,  and are sincerely interested in going solo and would benefit from a lifetime scholarship to Solo Practice University™, please send me an e-mail answering all the  questions asked in the e-zine and listed above…. as soon as possible. We are limiting our lifetime scholarships to 100.  The next round of private beta testing will begin shortly.

Yours truly,

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