Interested in Teaching? We’re Growing!

We’re growing, again!  And we’re looking for awesome faculty to join our already amazing group of faculty members.

Have you always wanted to teach what you know but the local law schools just aren’t hiring?  Want to teach but don’t want to put in 15 – 30 hours of class time, grade final papers, have mandated students hours at your local law school?  What if you could teach what you know, skip the travel, skip the grading of exams and not have to commit to 15 – 30 hours a semester?  What if you could teach on a well respected platform that will provide you national exposure for your expertise? Well, you might just want to check out Solo Practice University…because we’re hiring!

It’s really easy to find out initially if you’d be a good fit.

Send an email to:


  • Your name and contact info (if you have a CV, even better).
  • A little about you (are you a practicing attorney, business person, adjunct faculty elsewhere)
  • What you are interested in teaching* (don’t be afraid to pitch us a new idea or even a course we already have.)
  • A quick pitch as to why you’d be a great mentor to our students
  • Links to your social media profiles

A few imperatives:

1. You needn’t be practicing for a hundred years; a handful of years is fine if you’ve really gotten entrenched in your practice area, developed a great reputation (we’ll know), and are in good standing. Of course, you can be practicing for a hundred years, too, as long as your know how to practice in the 21st century and have much wisdom to impart.

2. You mustn’t be afraid to use video.

3. You must be willing to make a commitment to create your course within a finite period of time.

If you can agree to all this preliminarily, we’ll set up a time to talk directly.  During this one-on-one, we’ll determine if you’re really a good fit for our students and whether we’re a good fit for you, too!

We promise that teaching at SPU is fun and professionally rewarding.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

So…what are you waiting for? Send that email!

*There are some areas we are particularly interested in: 

Bankruptcy, Real Property, Criminal Law, and the Finances of Divorce, but don’t be afraid of pitching your idea or even a course we already have.  You never know until you try!  




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