What are your BHAG and FOMO for 2016?


There are two new terms being used by my colleagues in this 21st century rezooming world, which are making a big difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Maybe you have heard of them, maybe not. They are BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal and FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. For attorneys rezooming the practice of law, these are ideal terms for describing what you are doing, your focus upon the results and what may be distracting you from reaching your goals. You are making decisions meant to help you navigate your rezoom while visualizing events that will make it a reality. That takes audacity. Thus the huge BHAG. That takes focus and overcoming FOMO – the fear of missing out. FOMO distracts you from your BHAG. It can slow down or stop forward propulsion. If you feel you are missing out on something you really wanted to attend now, remember, you will feel worse after attending the FOMO event. It will take you away from doing consistent work on your BHAG. FOMO keeps you a step behind where you would have been had you remained focused.

Use your time well in 2016. Recognize you may have to miss some ‘nice to have’ things to remain focused on your ‘gotta have’ goals. That is how things you want become realities. As you rezoom your legal career, focus on one thing at a time. You know what it is you want to do as you climb back in the legal saddle. Having multiple plans for your rezooming journey is nice, yet it will dilute your ability and focus to reach your desired BHAG.

Often, past behavior that had you saying yes to a broad array of rezooming opportunities may be the exact thing you need to say no to now. Finding and focusing on what it is that works for you and your emerging career is more important than finding several different opportunities that may sound great but pull you in several different directions. These activities diffuse your energy and effectiveness when rezooming your career.

One easy behavior change you can make to limit the interruptions/distractions you allow in a day is to stop constantly checking your email, Facebook. LinkedIn, twitter, instagram, pinterest, periscope or phone messages. Thankfully, as you rezoom your legal career, the contacts or information found on these sites and platforms are not a matter of life or death. You do not need immediate access nor receive your messages instantaneously. Get comfortable with missing a perceived ‘great’ opportunity. Believe an even better opportunity lies ahead once you finish your BHAG.

A second change can come from your recognizing your most productive time periods and taking them off the ‘interruption’ table. My friend J.Kelly Hoey says she, “say[s] no to anything that invades on that [morning] time slot.” She is a morning person and her focus is piqued in early morning until mid afternoon. No morning coffee or early calls with friends or clients are scheduled while she is in her creative mojo.

People in the law, both employer and client, are delighted to find someone who can focus and reach a prescribed end in the shortest amount of time. That can only be done if you block out distractions. Get a handle on your FOMO and keep looking ahead to the success of your BHAG.

In 2015, my BHAG was publishing my first book. Nipped in the Bud-Not in the Butt was published in August 2015. You can purchase and read it on Amazon. Ironically, I was also asked to write a chapter in another book published in December 2015, Onward and Upward-Surviving Divorce in New York. Not only did I focus on my own personal BHAG, I assisted in helping several of my colleagues and friends reach their BHAG.

What does this year hold for you? Do you have an idea what your BHAG is? Will you start with a blog once or twice a month? Perhaps you might hold a tele-summit or podcast with like-minded people that others can tune in to and learn about the unique area of law you are focused upon. The sky is the limit. You can find people to help you execute. You simply need to be focused on the plan and the means of execution. This is your year. Assume responsibility and achieving your BHAG, never mind the FOMO. There will be time enough for butterfly actions later. Now get out there and rezoom!

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