Confidence and the Rezoomer

As we wrap up 2014, have you moved forward on your plans to rezoom the practice of law?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Move forward and regain your career.  It is your choice and your choice alone.

As I was thinking about this month’s New Year’s column, I came across a quote I thought exemplified the mantra of most rezoomers. It comes from powerhouse Maria Shriver. It speaks about confidence; confidence is the fuel we need to we begin to navigate a new path and to continue down that path.  Find the quote below, cut/paste/print it out and keep it close as you make your decision to rezoom in 2015.

The truth is, there’s not a lack of ability in this world. There is a lack of CONFIDENCE in our own abilities. We are all important. We are all valuable. And we all have something to give.

Maria Schriver

Rezooming is totally about confidence. It is confidence, not desire or connections, that really propels you to take those first rezooming steps.  All potential Rezoomers have ideas and explore options relentlessly.  Yet it is confidence in those ideas and options which make us act.  Often building up our confidence levels needs a bit of work.

Boosting your confidence may be as simple as refocusing on what resuming your career means to you.   Look differently at WHY you are rezooming.  Think, ‘what do I have to give’ rather than ‘what’s in it for me’?  Believe in your own ability to do it, again, and what you can share with the world by rezooming your practice of the law.  This reframing of purpose will help to transform personal doubt into confidence.

Once you define why you are rezooming, the confidence in your choice will grow along with the power of your commitment to do it.  Obstacles will not be surmountable. Nothing will be able to stop you because you won’t permit it. Personal confidence in the ‘why’ of your choice is the secret to success.

Listen to the positive voice in your head.  It is telling you that you can do it.  It centers you. It helps you see the flashes of brilliance in your decision to re-enter the practice of law.  Have personal confidence in your ability to practice law, again.  It will motivate you to move forward.  Personal confidence can single-handedly relaunch your legal career.

Smart attorneys are everywhere. Attorneys who command a room have something more; confidence in their own ability to get the job done.  These attorneys are few and far between, yet sought after by everyone. As Maria Shriver said,

“We are all important..[v]aluable… [a]nd have something to give.”

In 2015, recognize that the confidence you bring to the table will be the single most important factor in you getting back into the game.  It will not be the breaks you get or the people you know.

If you have tried before, had a few false starts, believe and know that this time you will do it.   All you may need to do now is refocus the WHY and hone in on your purpose.  I am counting on you to believe in yourself. Now go out there and rezoom your legal career in 2015.  We are all rooting for your success!

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