Faculty Announcement – Stacey M. Washington

StaceyStacey M. Washington is a Michigan attorney focused on DUI and criminal defense.  She will be teaching a course called DUI Defense at Solo Practice University®. View Syllabus

Stacey has been practicing law in Michigan state and federal courts since 1987.  She is currently an Ann Arbor based solo practitioner focusing on DUI/drunk driving and criminal defense.  Prior to hanging out her shingle in 2005, she practiced and litigated in a number of other legal areas including labor and employment, alternative dispute resolution, family, and probate. Stacey is a former prosecutor of DUI and criminal cases for the City of Ann Arbor.

Stacey received both her bachelor’s and law degrees from Wayne State University.  She has been a contributor to the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (“ICLE”) Deposition Skills and ADA/FMLA/Worker’s Compensation programs, Ave Maria School of Law Pathways to Law program, University of Michigan Law School oral argument competitions, and the Cooley Law School Professionalism in Action Roundtable.  She is a past chair of the Washtenaw County Bar Association Solo and Small Firm Section.  She is currently a member of the A2Y Chamber of Commerce, ICLE Criminal Law Advisory Board and an ICLE Community Champion.  Stacey is also the 2013 Secretary of the Women Business Owners of Southeastern Michigan.

In addition to serving the community and seeking justice, Stacey is dedicated to giving peace of mind to her clients as well as finding and executing resolutions that are in the best interests of her clients.  For more information, visit Stacey’s website at: www.smwashingtonlaw.com and blog at:  www.smwashingtonlaw.com/blog or call (734) 929-9730.

Classes begin one week from today and continue one class each month until course completion.

Syllabus – DUI Defense

Lesson summaries below or view the detailed syllabus (PDF).

  • Introduction – Is a DUI Defense Practice Right for You?
  • Initial Client Contact and Interview
  • Overview of the Substantive Law and Penalties
  • Discovery, Defenses, Pretrial Motions
  • Breath and Blood Testing
  • Trial
  • Sentencing
  • Collateral Consequences
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