Audio: What’s New in Special Education Law with Jennifer Laviano

Attorney Jennifer Laviano is in private practice in Connecticut. She teaches a course entitled “Introduction to Special Education Law” at Solo Practice University®.

Jennifer and I had an animated discussion about the good, the bad, and the ugly of special education law and she identified two trends.

The bad: Learn about how the 2004 reauthorization of IDEA (which included a provision for school districts to recover fees from the parents and attorneys by incorporating Rule 11 sanctions) is now being used by the courts with increasing frequency.

The good: The Supreme Court in particular, and the federal courts in general, seem to be really erring on the side of protecting people from retaliation for exercising their rights, which we see far too much of in Special Education Law. Learn about the recent US Supreme Court decision,which has held that anti-retaliation protection under Title VII should be “construed to cover a broad range of employer conduct” and how, if at all, it impacts special education litigation and anti-retaliation provisions?

The interview is about 38 minutes. Listen directly below.

Download (.MP3)

Jennifer holds an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, and she earned her Juris Doctorate, cum laude, from Quinnipiac University School of Law in Hamden, Connecticut.

Jennifer has dedicated her law practice entirely to the representation of children and adolescents with disabilities whose families are in disagreement with their public school districts. Her representation of children with special needs encompasses the full spectrum of advocacy under the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), from attendance at IEP Team meetings and Mediation, to zealous and experienced litigation in Due Process Hearings and Federal Court.

Jennifer is a regular presenter, both locally and nationally, on the subject of the special legal rights of children with disabilities and their entitlement to receive a Free and Appropriate Education. She also serves on the Board of Directors of COPAA, the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, which is the leading national voice on special education rights and advocacy. Jennifer is also the co-host of the weekly radio show “Your Special Education Rights with Jen and Julie” on Autism One Radio.

Jennifer represents children with special needs throughout the State of Connecticut.

To learn more, visit Jennifer’s website and read her Special Ed Justice blog.

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