Audio: Meet Savvy Solo Judy Young

Judy Young is a talented and accomplished corporate law attorney with tested expertise in commercial transactions, intellectual property contracts, commercial and business litigation, licensing and distribution, labor and employment law, negotiation, arbitration, dispute resolution, and other fields directly relevant to her counsel for the winery and hospitality industries.

Judy and I discussed her journey since law school- how she started out as a part-time jack-of-all trades solo while working full time at another job; how she discovered her original plan was counterproductive to her goals and her evolution into becoming THE Pennsylvania Winery and Hospitality Lawyer. She’s faced all the same challenges as you have (or will) and come out just fine on the other end…not only fine, but prospering and loving what she does. Join us!

The interview is about 46 minutes long. Listen or directly below.

Download (.MP3)

Judy established her firm in 2007 so that Pennsylvania wineries and hospitality businesses have the proper counsel and information they need to make sound business, financial, and operational decisions.

Prior to forming her practice in PA, Judy held leadership positions in both the public and private sectors, where she garnered expertise in transactional, financial, consulting, business, and legal experience.

Judy is also an avid food and wine enthusiast, which explains her devotion and interest in the winery, vineyard and hospitality industries.

She is a graduate of the infamous New York’s Windows of the World Wine School and is a Certified Mixologist from the Professional Bartending School of America. She also enjoys a long history of commitment to public service in her community, where she actively served on the Board of Directors for numerous charitable and civic organizations advancing humanitarian causes.

Visit Judy’s website, read her blog, and follow her on Twitter.

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