Audio: The Non-Trad Law Grad – Jeff Rutledge

We got such a terrific response from current students and new grads who could relate to the non-trad law grad status.  There are so many more than we realize and their experiences are very unique.

I decided it would be fun to talk with Jeff about his experiences.

This is a must-listen lecture for all law students, new solos (and some not so new) about the unique journey a non – traditional law student takes and how their pre-law school experiences come into play as they navigate through law school and then start their solo practices. You can find him here every third Friday of the month discussing issues unique to the Non Trad Law Grad!

A little about Jeff: Jeff owns and runs a public-policy publishing business in Texas – since 1993, the company has published 744 titles (more than 100 of which were authored by Jeff). Jeff studied management in undergrad and finance in grad school and, most recently, completed his law degree. Jeff is licensed to practice law in Texas; his solo practice focuses on business law, intellectual property (copyrights/trademarks), and animal law (contracts/estate planning). Jeff lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with his wife Cindy (Cindy is an architect) and two Boston Terriers (Judy and Izzy).

Listen to the guest lecture directly below. The interview runs approximately 50 minutes.

Download (.MP3)

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