Meet New SPU Columnist – Suzanne Meehle

From Big Law To Solo

Suzanne Meehle, Esq.

We are very excited to add another new monthly columnist to our roster of great monthly columnists which includes Deborah Bruce, Rachel Rodgers and Jack Whittington.  Suzanne Meehle has had a very typical but not often discussed journey in her legal career.  She is a second career lawyer who went right from law school to Big Law for her first three years. She then left Big Law to form a partnership and then ultimately went solo in 2010.

This track is more common than not and often touted as the ideal for someone who ultimately wants to go solo.  But the actual experiences are seldom discussed.  We are so pleased she has agreed to write a monthly column called  ‘Big Law to Solo’ for Solo Practice University which will discuss her experiences during all phases of her career.  She originally wanted to call the column ‘Stupid Lawyer Tricks’ because of the games we play.   She’ll even share her FGEs (I’ll let her explain) as she’s quite funny and very insightful about the mistakes lawyers make along the way before discovering where they are meant to go.

So, onto a more appropriate bio:

Suzanne Meehle is the owner of The Meehle Law Firm, which she opened as a solo practice in 2010. She practices in the areas of  business law, intellectual property, and litigation. Her passion is helping small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs.,

Suzanne spent more than three years at a large local law firm before following her heart and starting the small firm of Innes & Meehle in 2009. Though the firm eventually disbanded, Suzanne continues to follow her heart as a solo practitioner.

Suzanne volunteers as a Guardian ad Litem with the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association and is an Associate Editor of the Orange County Bar Association’s monthly magazine, The Briefs. She co-authored “DMCA Safe Harbor for User-Submitted Content” in ABA Annual Review of Intellectual Property Law Developments 2009. Suzanne is certified in e-Discovery by Kroll Ontrack and regularly speaks on the topics of e-discovery preparedness, litigation prevention and ethics.

A 2006 graduate of Barry University School of Law, Suzanne is a second career lawyer. She had a more than ten year career as a database and systems engineer. Always entrepreneurial, Suzanne started a catering business while an undergraduate at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and later worked as an independent database consultant for clients including VeArd Computer Research, and Office Depot.

Most recently, Suzanne was honored with the highest peer-review rating from Martindale-Hubbell, AV Preeminent. This award reflects Suzanne’s commitment to excellence as an attorney and to ethics in the profession.

Suzanne’s column will appear once a month starting January 27th and will appear the last Thursday of each month thereafter.

Connect with Suzanne:

The Meehle Law Firm
P.O. Box 151273

Altamonte Springs, FL 32715

Office: 407-792-0790
Fax: 866-218-1628
Cell: 407-782-9238
E-mail: suzanne(at)
Skype: suzanne_meehle

All opinions, advice, and experiences of guest bloggers/columnists are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, practices or experiences of Solo Practice University®.

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3 comments on “Meet New SPU Columnist – Suzanne Meehle

  • Thanks, Susan! Wow! You make me sound like a big deal. ;-D I hope that I can at least be a cautionary example to others of where stupid lawyer tricks will get you. I’m really looking forward to getting even more involved with the SPU community, and to learning from everyone here. If you want to know what an “FGE” is, just drop me an email and I will explain.

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