SPU’s Value Will Be Just As Great at $97/month

With more than 250 excellent classes now being offered at Solo Practice University, the decision has been made to change the monthly tuition from $75 to $97.  But don’t worry.  If you are currently a monthly enrollee your tuition is locked-for-life as long as there is no interruption in enrollment.

And for those who are still contemplating enrolling at SPU,  if the $75/monthly still remains your preferred tuition, please enroll by midnight October 31st to lock in your monthly tuition.

With more than 250 classes available for you to watch at your leisure 24/7 you are still getting an unsurpassed and incomparable value even at $97 especially since you can barely get a one-hour online class for that price!

Quarterly and Annual tuition will remain the same for now at $225/quarter and $595/annual for lawyers; $175/ quarter and $495/annual for law students.

You can learn more about Solo Practice University here .

Don’t you think you’ve waited long enough? It’s time to enroll!

Subject: Thank you!

“I just want you to know that this is an extraordinary service that you are providing, and that I am recommending membership to everyone I know!

Hope you are well!

-Kathleen Dillon

Kathleen Dillon
Law School           Pepperdine University School of Lawy
Graduation Date May 2007
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