Faculty Announcement – Tina Marie Hilton

Tina M. Hilton is a Virtual Assistant with a passion for teaching and writing. She will teach a course entitled ‘A Solo’s Sidekick – The Virtual Assistant’ at Solo Practice University®.

Sole proprietor of Clerical Advantage Virtual Assistance Services, she specializes in providing services to legal professionals and business creatives, focusing strongly on social networking, blog and education marketing assistance.

An excellent multi-tasker, before becoming an entrepreneur she juggled being a single mother with her career as a title processor/real estate legal assistant all while attending school. She brings her professionalism and experience working in attorney’s offices and financial institutions to her own business and is committed to working together with her clients to assist with their success. A self proclaimed ‘girly-geek’ she loves technology and the fact that her business requires her to stay on the cutting edge.

When she’s not assisting clients, she’s committed to writing, teaching and tinkering with her website. She is a Contributing Editor at the Internet Magazine, Home Office Warrior and has written an e-book entitled “An Introduction to Virtual Assistance for Businesses”. In her desire to educate the business community about virtual assistance and the importance of online/social media marketing, she recently has been accepting speaking engagements on this important topic.

Dedicated to her industry she also offers her knowledge to new virtual assistants, both through participation in several industry forums and freely responding to e-mails and phone calls for help.

In her free time she enjoys creating her own gemstone jewelry, keeping up with her two children and occasionally can be found playing Rock Band with her son.

You can find the  class syllabus here.

First class will premiere August 3rd.

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