Who Is Eligible to Attend Solo Practice University – The Students

Many faculty and prospective students are asking me, “who will be eligible to attend Solo Practice University™?”

It’s simple: the only students eligible to attend Solo Practice University™ are lawyers, law students and new grads waiting in angst for their bar results.

This is your educational community and professional networking campus.

It is an educational community for lawyers and law students who currently are or want to be solo/small firm practitioners; lawyers and law students who want to learn how to be the best solo/small firm practitioner they can be. It is not a school for non-lawyers who would like to learn the law or socialize with lawyers.

It is an educational community where faculty have agreed to educate colleagues, not the general public. So, with rare exception (we always have to allow for that rare exception like law school faculty!) all students will be lawyers or law students.

How will we monitor this? Although not finalized, we will ultimately require proof of your status as either a lawyer or law student, proof which is both public record and easily verifiable by us. Plus, we’ll include a gentle reminder at time of signing up that impersonating an attorney could get someone in BIG trouble. :-)

If you have any questions about your eligibility for admission, please drop me a line.

Yours truly,



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3 comments on “Who Is Eligible to Attend Solo Practice University – The Students

  • Dear sir/madam,
    i am very very keen to get admission in solo practice university ,
    i will apprecaite it if you guid me about the procedure of admission .thank you

  • Come on, don’t obscure it… let me know what everyone wants to know right up front and in huge bold letters…


  • Mark, We’re are not obscuring tuition. There will be tuition as indicated on the third slider on the home page. However, that being said, we are currently conducting one-on-one focus studies with students, new lawyers and current solo practitioners to get a feel for what is fair for the education you will be receiving….and then cut that down.

    Our goal is to recognize the financial constraints facing solo practitioners, the economic trends and our desire to provide scholarships to solos while still covering our costs.

    Once that is determined, we’ll let everyone know. No surprises. :-)

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