Building A 21st Century Practice – Guest Lecture with Ryan McKeen

Ryan McKeen of FreedMcKeen shares his experiences building a 21st century practice.  After seven years with his previous law firm, Ryan struck out with Meaghan Freed to take on new challenges.  However, while those seven years at his previous firm were great when it came to learning the law one thing struck Ryan. When he started his new firm he had to be forward thinking when it came to technology.  He and his partner were committed to spending less time on the ‘back end’ of their practice so they could spend more time practicing law.  This is how they put together a 21st century practice* without being techno wizards, and by not only not compromising the client experience, but enhancing it.

*Any reference to products and equipment are the choices of the guest, not specifically endorsed by Solo Practice University

The audio is about 60 minutes. Listen directly below.

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Ryan McKeen knows his way inside, outside, up, and down Connecticut’s courthouses. He gives his Connecticut license a work out. He is smart and tough, both in the courtroom and when running races.

Ryan is the founder of A Connecticut Law Blog, which was named one of the top 100 legal blogs in the United States by the ABA Journal. He is a frequent speaker on legal blogging, and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Hartford Courant. Ryan has published articles in both the ABA Journal and the Hartford Business Journal.

All people want to talk to Ryan about at parties is former Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz. In 2010, Ryan challenged Susan Bysiewicz’s credentials to serve as Attorney General. After analyzing the law, he took a controversial position that in order to serve as Attorney General a candidate must possess litigation experience. This position was ultimately validated by the Connecticut Supreme Court.

When Senator Blumenthal and the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence were looking for a few good men, they found Ryan. In 2011, Ryan was honored as a “First 100 Recipient” and recognized along with many state leaders for making a difference in the fight against domestic violence. Ryan is also passionate about the rights of runners, pedestrians and cyclists — enjoying both their company and advocating on their behalf. Ryan is a member of the Glastonbury River Runners, and annually runs the Hartford Marathon.

Ryan lives in East Granby with his wife Allison, their daughter, and dog Brady. Though Brady is named after a Patriot, Ryan’s true sports love is the Red Sox.

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