The Power of Asking For What You Want

askingYou may think I have taken leave of my senses and my left-brain has abandoned my head.  Yet it is abundantly clear to me now.  Asking for what it is you want, in a clear manner, is all we really need to do to get business.

Hog wash you say?  Trust me.  I said the exact same thing. (But it you think this is silly, then just read for your own amusement.)

In the past six months, I have been exploring the art of the “Ask” There are so many books written and people preaching about the “Ask” that I just had to explore further.  This is what I learned first in theory, and then in practice.

The “Ask” theory revolves around the belief that the Universe stands ready to meet your demands if you ask clearly. (‘Oh, no.  Debra’s getting all ‘touchy-feely’ on me, again.’ you’re sighing to yourself about now.  Just bear with me for a few. I promise it gets better!)

As Rezoomers we are revving our engines again.  The first question we must be asking ourselves is, “What are we meant to do now” Second: Is it a do over, a new start or a re-start? Why are we doing it? What are we meant to do this time around? How do we get there?

When I decided to investigate the theory of the “Ask” I read five really good books.   Ask and It is Given, by Ester and Jerry Hicks, The Answer and Having it All by John Assaraf, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance by Jonathan Fields.  I want you to know I don’t have a lot of time to read in my practice, yet I found the time for each of these books and I couldn’t put them down.  This began my first major attitude adjustment about what it is I was trying to accomplish.  I had to understand the ‘What’.

I know this may be too ‘out there’ for my fellow attorney types, but I want you to think about something: We preach this every day to our clients and juries.  We ask them to see things the way we want them to see it.  We set up the scenarios in a way only one conclusion can be reached.  We convince ourselves, our clients and our juries, that as long as we present the correct “Ask” and we tell them to deliver the proper outcome they will do just that.  Yet lawyers don’t necessarily put this theory to use on themselves.  We should, according to Hicks, Assaraf, Pressfield and Fields.  It is the art of the “Ask” that moves us forward to the successes we are meant to achieve, our greater purpose.  Playing the bigger game so to speak.

A Rezoomer is singularly qualified to follow the “Ask” theory.  We are not hemmed in by the rules of where we are currently working.  We are nowhere really, starting again with a clean slate, so why not focus on the “Ask” first to help us get where we are meant to go? Four things have convinced me the “Ask” is real.

I have consistently and clearly asked for the following 4 things for the past 6 months (and, no, not just into space):

  1. the ability to create a new legal focus
  2. the clients to hire me in that field
  3. the venues to pursue the practice
  4. the understanding and support of family and friends

Each “ Ask” has manifested itself in the form of a person or an opportunity I seized which has helped me to progress to the next level.

I educated myself in my chosen field; alternative dispute resolution as applied to animal conflicts, and while attending these educational events met several colleagues who refer clients to me with animal conflict issues.

I met an insurance broker affiliated with the underwriter for the American Veterinary Medical Association, at a Women on the Board event.  This colleague scheduled a meeting for me with the underwriter for the entire AVMA.  I will help this company’s bottom line with my alternative conflict resolving service and they will hire me to solve their conflicts prior to litigation.

I asked around for office space that was available and affordable and received a general email from a colleague I admire stating she has office space available.

I looked for support and understanding from my family and friends in the form of  not being accessible to my son, sister and friend between 9-5.  It was tough for them to stop calling and understand I was working.  It was difficult for me to put this “Ask” out there because these groups are the champions of my rezoom. Yet I did, they understood and remain supportive and loving.

All in the space of a few weeks from my clear and focused  “Ask”.  Crazy huh!

If you take some time over the holidays to read these books you will begin to see it is not ‘hog wash’.  Asking changes everything!  Living in the befuddlement of the ‘what if’’ muddies the messages you are sending to others.

Speaking clearly about what it is you want to do, and believing in your heart that this is your life’s purpose, will enable your attitude to shift and surprisingly opportunities will present themselves providing you with the things you need to reach your “Ask”.

Attorneys ask people to believe their “Ask ‘ each and every day.  We are fine-tuned to ask it clearly so our intended results are achieved.  Now try the “Ask” for yourself.  I especially want my fellow Rezoomers to work on their “Ask”.  We have so many things pulling on us, the sooner we focus on what it is we really want to do the sooner the opportunities will present themselves clearly and accessibly.

Why not ask for exactly what you want today?  Then move your feet toward achieving it.  Study material about how to receive and gather information your “Ask” requires.  Attend events and move toward your goal each and every day.  You will be amazed at how easily you will meet and exceed your “Ask”.

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7 comments on “The Power of Asking For What You Want

  • You’re absolutely on target! I’ve found that the Law of Attraction (LOA) is the most powerful of all the laws of the universe. Jerry and Ester Hicks are, at times, a bit “out there” for my tastes, but I take what I need from their writings and just leave the rest behind until I’m ready. As lawyers, it may seem illogical or too new-age to accept this, but my study of the LOA is that it’s completely logical and it works to boot. Your post made my day Debra!

    • Jean,

      Thanks for your post.
      The Hicks are out there!
      I do the same; take what I can use now and understand things will become clear as I get there.

      As lawyers we are not as open to this kind of thinking.
      It is not in the nature of the practice.
      If we can bring our clients to think about how they are feeling and how they would like to feel, really feel, we are doing a great service for our clients.
      Glad we are on a similar page
      Please feel free to email and chat
      Have a great week

  • One point you don’t mention that I have found of immense power is “Ask in such a way that neither side will lose face if the answer is No.”

    I was once bidding for work to a Middle Eastern State Utility Company who gave me two days to reconsider my price. After making better, alternative use of the two days, I got back to them and said I’d spent all the previous two days looking for things to leave out of my bid in order to allow me to consider a reduced price, but I couldn’t find a single thing to omit that wouldn’t compromise quality to a level I wasn’t prepared to tolerate. Therefore I stood by my original price.

    I got the order at full price half an hour later!

  • Esther Hicks ? isn’t she the woman who has made a fortune by claiming that her pronouncements were actually the pronouncements of hundreds of spirits she was channeling? If so. No thanks.

    • Weston,
      Yes she is and no you don’t have to follow/agree/believe her theory.

      If you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill or The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, you will see each author attributes their success to a little muse or inner guide who helped them select the path that moved them closer to their purpose. I get it, the Hicks are not for everyone. They are way out there.
      Hill and Pressfield approach it in a more understandable manner, using definiteness of purpose and resistance as the competing factions in our lives.

      If we listen to the inner voice we all have and hear to varying degrees what it is saying, we may become the person we really want to become.

      I wish you every positive vibration I can so you can feel appreciated for who you are and grateful for where you are right now.

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