Guest Lecture with Tyler Coulson

TylerI first met Tyler Coulson in April, 2013 when we both spoke at Catapult2013 in San Francisco.  He is both smart and funny but most interesting to me is here is a man who went the BigLaw route, left voluntarily after 2 1/2 years and then in March, 2011 embarked on an 8 month walk-a-thon across America with his dog, Mabel, before he decided to open a small law practice in Illinois.  This is our discussion of his experience from law school to Big Law to his epic journey on the road to small firm practice.  I encourage you to listen through to the end and then digest the three takeaways he wants to share with you.

The audio is about 47 minutes. Listen directly below.

Download (.MP3)

Tyler Coulson was born, and was young for quite some time before he got older. He went to high school and then to college. Then he worked for a while. Then he graduated with distinction from the University of Iowa College of Law. Then he worked for Sidley Austin LLP in Chicago. Once when he was younger he survived two hours stranded in the Pacific Ocean by himself. He distrusts white wine. He memorized the Rubaiyat when he was a kid, but now he only knows a few verses. He likes graffiti better than 1980s movies. Sometimes he thinks that if he lived on a beach somewhere he wouldn’t need much. He is a monkeywrench.

In 2011, he walked across America with his dog, Mabel. He is the author of By Men or By the Earth, the story of his cross-country hike.


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