Happy Thanksgiving To All Those Who Believed In Spite of The Naysayers

While I am thankful for many things in my life, this Thanksgiving I wanted to give thanks for all those who have overcome those brilliant and highly decorated minds who were so sure that what you wanted to do simply could not be done. If people who innovated constantly backed down in the face of an ‘authority’ who said their idea was ridiculous, not worthy, not needed, implausible and a waste of time, where would we be? Read on…..

It’s Time. Spring Into Solo Practice! First Month’s Tuition – $127

Ah, Spring! A time of rebirth, renewal, hope and overall excitement about the possibilities that lie ahead. And we’re all about the amazing possibilities for finally being your own boss.

This year we are combining our 9th birthday celebration and our Spring Into Solo Practice Promotion so we can help pave the way for even more lawyers who want build their solo/small firm practices.

Now through April 2, 2018, we will be reducing our first month’s tuition to $127 (monthly renewal thereafter remains $65).

On Being Solo….. Again.

I missed being a solo. All of it. The elations, the fears; the excitement of resolving matters for the client; the lows when you do not prevail on a matter. I missed the variety of things you can do, from area of law to practice management, to client development. I missed being motivated to succeed so as not to lose sleep thinking about paying the bills. Mostly, I missed the freedom to practice law.

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