Deborah Gonzalez

Deborah Gonzalez teaches three courses “Social Media & the Law” and “Intellectual Property” and “Digital Legal Horizon” at Solo Practice University®.

Deborah Gonzalez, Esq. is an attorney and the founder of Law2sm, LLC, a legal consulting firm focusing on helping its clients navigate the legal and security issues relating to the new digital and social media world. Deborah is the co-developer of the Socially Legal Audit® tool that assists a company to ensure that their online activity is in line with state laws, federal laws, and regulatory compliance. She is a sought after speaker, content contributor, and news commentator.

Deborah is the author of two books: Managing Online Risk and Online Security for the Business Traveler.

Deborah speaks frequently on the legal issues relating to intellectual property; art, music, and digital entertainment law; and social media legal trends and practices in various venues throughout the United States and abroad. Connect with Deborah: LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook / Blog / Website

Deborah is teaching three courses. The syllabus for each course is listed below. Scroll down or use these links to jump to a specific syllabus. “Social Media & the Law“, “Intellectual Property” and “Digital Legal Horizon“.

Syllabus – Social Media & the Law

An overview of topics is listed below. For more information, see detailed syllabus (pdf).

  • Intro to Social Media and the Law for Solo Practitioners
  • Social Media Legal Profiles
  • Social Media & Online Disclaimers
  • E-Professionalism & Social Media for Law Students
  • E-Professionalism & Social Media for Attorneys
  • Privacy & Social Media
  • Social Media & Employee Mishapps
  • Social Media Employee Policies
  • Badvocacy
  • Social Media & Copyrights
  • Social Media & Trademarks
  • Social Media & Defamation/Publicity Rights
  • Social Media & Family Law
  • Social Media & Criminal Law
  • Social Media & E- Discovery
  • Social Media & Monitoring
  • Social Media, Media & Law
  • Social Media, Healthcare & Law

Syllabus – Intellectual Property

An overview of topics is listed below. For more information, see detailed syllabus (pdf).

  • Copyrights – Overview of copyright law and principles. Includes review of definitions, protecting and enforcing rights, and recent cases.
  • Trademarks, Tradedress, Service Marks – Overview of trademark, trade dress and service marks law and principles. Includes review of definitions, the application and follow-­up process, enforcing rights, and recent cases.
  • Music & Law: Representing Musicians as Clients – Overview of the legal issues musicians face to protect their music, their brand, and their careers.
  • Art & Law: Representing Artists as Clients – Overview of the legal issues artists face to protect their artworks, their brand, and their careers. (Includes animation concerns).
  • Film Law: Representing Film, TV, and Video Clients – Overview of the legal issues those in the entertainment industries of film and television face. (Includes business video concerns and documentary rights clearances).
  • Digital & Game Law: Representing Digital/Game Clients – Overview of the legal issues application and game developers face to protect their technical creations, game elements, and brand.

Syllabus – Digital Legal Horizon

Every year we are faced with questions about where is all this technology and all the changes in the practice of law taking us. We are faced with how do we keep up with all the changes so we can fully service our clients and keep ourselves ahead of the game as a solo practitioner. This series of sessions takes a look at some of the upcoming changes and challenges due to advancements in legal technology, practice and business models in our current and future digital society.

Digital Identity: Physical, Digital, & Legal
How do we define identity legally? Who is a “person” in this digital age and in the digital future? How do we determine worth and value of a “person?” Social scoring, badges, influence, digital presence (even before you are born). This session explores the answers to all of these and more and the legal issues relating to them (including a new concept of privacy) so you are prepared as a solo practitioner.

Digital Society: Cultural, Corporate, & Legal
Expanding the concept of the digital persona outlined in the first session, this session looks at new paradigms shifts for society as a whole and what it means to the legal system. If fashion incorporates technology, can law now protect it? If monks ask people to text them prayers has religion gone beyond its borders to be liable in court in another country? And so much more.

Digital Law: New client, New attorney, New practice
What does the client of the future look like? What services do they need? What does an attorney of the future look like? What tools does he/she use? What business models do legal providers use in the future? How do legal professionals keep their value? This session goes beyond the devices & apps of today – to the bleeding edge of technology and legal practice – such as Minority-Report style software and augmented reality.

Digital Knowledge: Print, E-Publishing, & Digital Rights
The debate over print v digital publishing is not new. But how it will play out in the future and its impact on education and workforce development (and therefore our economic stability) will present legal challenges we have not encountered before. Can you read the fine print on the wall/screen of what’s coming? Do we need to fear the power of Amazon, Google search, or Nook? How does this affect our clients and our solo practice?

Digital Health: Physical, Genetic, Medical, & Legal
There was a time ergonomics was the hot topic as it related to technology and our physical health. Today we are seeing a series of medical and health issues that are evolving to lead us to a future where the genetic prevails. How will the law address new methods of medical service delivery, new levels of liability, new digital addictions and ailments, longer life spans, and new health treatments? This session explores these and more so you are prepared to help your clients navigate these issues.

Digital Money: Currency, Banking, & Future Financial Legalities
Nothing happens without money. But what will “money” look like in the future? Will crowd funding evolve? Will the SEC regulate less or more? How will consumer-shopping change? To paraphrase Capital One – this session will explore “what’s in your virtual wallet?” How will your clients pay you and how do you protect their financial assets?