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There are no refunds within the first 30 days of enrolling. If you enroll as a monthly subscriber and wish to cancel within the first 30 days, simply cancel your subscription through Paypal directly or send us an e-mail directly and we will do so. Your enrollment will end at the end of that first month.

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You may also upgrade at anytime to ‘Lawyer’, pay the appropriate increased tuition and receive the Unlimited Online CLE benefits and complimentary free law practice management consultation.

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Whenever you decide to enroll, whether as a monthly or semi-annual subscriber, your rates are locked-for-life regardless of any future tuition increases. As long as your subscription auto-renews uninterrupted we will never increase your tuition. It’s that simple.

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You gain access to all courses. Courses are either audio or video and available to you 24/7 without limitation. There are approximately 50 courses being offered right now (more than 1100 individual classes) in subjects ranging from substantive areas, such as immigration, family law, bankruptcy and special education, to virtual technology, marketing and law practice management courses.

And don’t worry!  As long as you have not been sworn in yet, we consider you a student.  So, take advantage of this special law student pricing to help kick start your career!