Victor Medina

Victor Medina is the managing partner of a small law firm run entirely on Mac computers and Apple products. He will teach a course entitled “Macs In the Law Office” at Solo Practice University®.

Victor is the managing partner of a small law firm run entirely on Mac computers and Apple products.  He focuses his practice on representing public school districts and families in crisis.  He serves as general counsel for many families, handling the gamut of special education, estate planning and closely-held company matters.  He also assists many young families with protecting their kids and their family’s wealth.

Victor has professional training in psychology and law.  He served as a full law clerk with The Hon. Alvin W. Thompson of the United States District Court in Hartford, CT. Prior to starting his own firm, he worked with two multi-national law firms in Boston and Princeton, handling business transactions.

A self-described technophile, Victor organizes an annual conference for Mac-using attorneys called MILOfest (a Macs in the Law Office festival), which is typically held in November for Mac-using lawyers and other folks interested in the business application of Macs and Apple products.

Victor main business blog is at New Jersey Estate Planning, and he co-hosts a podcast with fellow Solo Practice University® Faculty member Mark Merenda called SmartTalk at


Course Objectives

This course is intended to deliver a beginning Mac-user attorney to competence and a working understanding of some of the advanced methods of computing on Macs. The course will cover all of the basic “office” programs from email & calendaring, through document generation, presentation and marketing tools.

Course Outline

*Subject to change based on student interest

  • Basic
  • Advanced (incl. add’l email applications, e.g. Entourage, Thunderbird, Gmail)
  • Basic iCal
  • Advanced iCal (incl add’l calendaring applications, e.g. Entourage, GCal)
  • Basic Address Book
  • Advanced Address Book (incl. add’l contacts applications, e.g. Entourage)
  • Word Processors (MS Word, Pages, Text Edit, Open Office)
  • Spreadsheet Software (Excel, Numbers, Open Office)
  • Presentation Software (Powerpoint, Keynote, Adobe Acrobat Pro)
  • Advanced Keynote
  • Advanced Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Communication Software (Skype ,iChat, Adium, Twitter)
  • Idea Collection (Notebook, Evernote, NoteTaker, Delicious)
  • Blogging Software Clients (MarsEdit, Ecto, NetNewsWire, Google Reader)
  • Backup & Document Retention (Time Machine, Time Capsule, Backup, SuperDuper, Drobo)
  • Syncing 101 (Dot Mac, Spanning Sync, Dropbox)
  • Podcasting & Screencasting (AudioHijackPro, Screenflow, GarageBand)
  • Collaboration (Basecamp, Dropbox, FileSharing)
  • Networking with Macs (Leopard Server, File Servers, WiFi Set-up)
  • Practice Management Software (Daylite, RocketMatter, LawStream FileMaker Pro)