Omar Ha-Redeye


Omar Ha-Redeye will teach “Reputation Management Law” at Solo Practice University®.

Omar Ha-Redeye is a Toronto lawyer focusing on reputation management law (online defamation, crisis communications, public relations) and health law (personal injury, medical malpractice, occupational health and safety, health policy).

Omar practices in association with Fleet Street Law in Toronto. He is a graduate (Juris Doctor) of the law program at the University of Western Ontario. He has taught law and ethics at Ryerson University as an Adjunct Faculty member and has been regular lecturer in communications and social media at the Schulich School of Business. He currently sits on the Ontario Bar Association as the Co-Chair of the Young Lawyers Division (Toronto).  In 2011 he was named one of the top 12 social media influencers practicing law in Canada.

Omar contributes to Slaw and The Lawyers Weekly, and is frequently contacted by the media.

Omar on the web:

Syllabus – Reputation Management Law

I Google, therefore I am.

These days if you don’t have an online presence you probably don’t exist from a client’s perspective. And if you don’t exist online today, you’re letting someone else tell your story. This problem exists as much for lawyers as it does for their clients. And for solo practitioners, there’s nobody who is going to look out for yourself more than you.

Reputation Management Law is the intersection between public relations and law. Some circumstances require more of a communication emphasis, while others focus on the legal remedies. This course will focus on both the importance of developing and maintaining an online reputation, and some of the emerging legal issues with online defamation and security.

This course will take an inter-jurisdictional overview of some of the challenges, and the opportunities, of entering the brave new world of the Internet.

Introduction- “Reputation Management Law” – What is it?

Why Reputation Management?

  • Reputation Management for Clients
  • Reputation Management for Lawyers
  • Law of Reputation Management

Building the Online Foundation

  • Blogging – platforms, options, highlights
  • Social media channels
  • Distribution networks

Black Hat vs. White Hat Techniques

  • Difference in the approaches
  • Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Rationale for adhering to Google’s policies
  • Recent Developments – Panda, Penguin

Communication and Engagement

  • Is no comment an option?
  • Dealing with anonymity
  • Fraudulent inquiries

Legal Remedies and Enforcement

  • Pros/Cons of Cease & Desists
  • Constitutional differences internationally
  • Inter-jurisdictional enforcement issues
  • Libel tourism

Disciplinary Proceedings

  • Examples of lawyers disciplined for online conduct
  • Discussion of regulatory appropriateness

Business Development

  • Identifying target markets
  • Using Analytics
  • Evaluating consumer behavior
  • Adapting to emerging demand