James Chartrand

James Chartrand

James Chartrand is a leading copywriting, branding and online marketing expert. He will teach a course about business branding and copywriting at Solo Practice University®.

James is a sought-after copywriter, small business consultant, and branding expert. He owns Men with Pens, a website content and design business operated entirely online. Leveraging his expertise in branding and online marketing, James has propelled Men with Pens to become one of the most widely recognized brands on the internet.

After more than a decade in the corporate world, James chose to employ his diverse expertise in business, psychology, marketing, branding, copywriting, web design, and storytelling to help solo professionals and small business owners turn dreams and concepts into thriving ventures.

Using his skills, experience and training, James teaches his clients the critical and deeper lessons of establishing trust and creating connections with their customers. The resulting success clients achieve from James’ assistance quickly turns them into brand evangelists.

His passion for helping solo professionals work less, earn more and do work they love led him to co-author The Unlimited Freelancer, a guide that teaches best business practices to freelancers and entrepreneurs so they can enjoy their self-employment and benefit from its unlimited potential.

James is also a featured blogger at Copyblogger, the leading copywriting site on the internet read daily by nearly 50,000 people. His keen ability and knowledge of successful copywriting and branding techniques have resulted in him becoming a well-known go-to resource for many aspiring professionals and businesses.

Clients rely on James’ eagle-eye expertise to develop branding, content, marketing, design, and business strategies that help them to impact their target market. He is a strong advocate of teaching people how to have a better business and makes it a personal mission to provide them with necessary tools to achieve their goals.

Syllabus – Pen and Perception

This course provides techniques and strategies used in branding and copywriting. The primary focus is to educate students on tactics including differentiation from competition, reaching a target audience, increasing interest in professional services, improving client bases and standing out as a credible professional in the field.

The course contains ten bi-weekly lessons in branding and ten bi-weekly lessons in copywriting. Additional content, such as tips, insightful information or case studies, may also be posted at undetermined frequencies to provide further learning material.

Students will gain knowledge in valuable branding and copywriting techniques including:

* How to differentiate and stand out from the competition
* How to communicate professionally without losing personality
* How to attract desired clients using an appealing image
* How to use color, themes and emotion to influence appeal
* How to use copywriting to persuade, influence and get a reaction
* How to reach a target audience with words they understand
* How to draw potential clients to a solo practice naturally

On course completion, students should have:

* A basic knowledge of branding techniques that allows them to determine a brand image that fits their practice (and their personality) best so they can attract and appeal to potential clients
* A basic knowledge of copywriting strategies that allows them to craft compelling content that interests readers, delivers a message and helps persuade potential customers to take action

Armed with this information, solo practitioners will be able to build an enhanced, enriched practice that helps them reach their goals.

Two definitions of the word syllabus exists. One claims that a syllabus is an outline of topics to be covered in a course. The other claims that it is a summary of the course.

For the sake of simplicity, teaching potential and the purposes of this course, this syllabus uses the latter definition.
To learn more about James, visit his website at Men with Pens.