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MyCase is the all-in-one web-based practice management software designed for the modern law firm.

With the advantage of a complete solution — you’ll get organized with contacts, calendars, cases and matters, documents, time tracking, billing, and much more. With MyCase you can practice more and manage less.

Benefits of using MyCase’s all-in-one solution:

  1. It’s Intuitive & Easy To Use: Intuitive firm management software makes it easier for you and your staff to concentrate on practicing law instead of time consuming tasks.
  2. You Can Work From Anywhere: One of the greatest benefits of cloud-based legal practice management software is the flexibility you have to access your case and client information. Securely log in from any computer or use the MyCase iPhone or Android App to take advantage of the time you spend commuting, waiting in court, or traveling.
  3. Your Clients Will Love It: Provide clients with 24/7 access to case files and communication and give them the attention they want and deserve, without putting extra strain on your staff.

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