Comment Policy

This blog welcomes all comments and conversation.  I believe in free-flowing conversation, debate, discourse and education through comments from people who are not afraid to let you know who they are.

Here are a few rules of the game:

1.  This blog will no longer accept anonymous comments (only with rare exception) or fake e-mail addresses with fake names or anonymous comments with fake e-mail addresses. If you have something of value to say (you don’t have to agree with my perspective), then you should be able to put your name behind your statements.  Quite often I will take the conversation off the blog and answer your questions via e-mail, too.

2. No abusive comments will be published. If a good comment is buried in abusive language, I may redact the abuse and publish with a notice the comment was redacted.

3. I will not publish links within comments unless the links enhance the comment and the conversation.

4. I reserve the right to close comments if they get too far afield of the content of the original post.

5. ISP’s identified as abusive will be blocked.

Keep it clean, keep it respectful and you never know what may come from your commentary!