Bridges for Bar Associations


Building Bridges to Professional Independence

Solo Practice University® was created in order to build a bridge from law school to solo practice for the thousands of lawyers who have opted to open their own practices right out of law school or shortly thereafter. Bridges is also a program for anyone who wishes to start their own solo practice even after years of working for another.

Solo Practice University® is now partnering with progressive bar associations who realize a significant percentage of their members will travel toward professional independence sooner rather than later and have made the commitment to help them achieve their goals. Our goal is to  complement your ongoing efforts.

The Solo Practice University® Bridges for Bar Associations Program works with bar associations by providing the following:

Special affinity program where your bar members receive a discount to Solo Practice University (SPU) and your bar receives a promotional allowance for each enrollment.  SPU is meant to complement your current efforts, not replace your efforts.  It is designed to be an additional resource.

How It Works

  1. Your  bar association promotes and encourages those interested in solo/small firm practice to explore SPU as a complementary resource to the current bar offerings and as a member benefit.
  2. Your bar association provides information about SPU and a link on your website which will connect to a private bar branded portal on the SPU platform.  This portal, which is maintained on the SPU site, will contain information about enrolling and with reduced semi-annual and annual tuition for your members.
  3. We understand the bar derives revenues from providing live (and sometimes, recorded) CLE.  In order not to conflict with your revenue stream, we will, at your direction, provide bar members an enrollment option which does not include unlimited online CLE.
  4. All enrollments through the private bar portal will be tracked for a promotional allowance.  Semi-annually, your bar will receive the accrued promotional allowance.

It’s that simple. And everyone benefits.

Ready to get started providing your members with more resources to succeed on their own?

Contact Solo Practice University®’s founder and CEO, Susan Cartier Liebel, at

Profile – Bowen alum Michael Salorio

Learn more about the story of a Bridges Scholarship recipient from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Bowen School of Law, Anthony Salorio, as profiled in The Daily Record.

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