Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company

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Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company (LMIC) has been in the California professional liability insurance market for over 40 years. We created a company for California lawyers, directed by California lawyers. LMIC has set exceptional industry standards for stability, customer service, continuing education and performance…standards by which other legal malpractice providers must be measured.

Because this is the only kind of insurance we offer, we can commit all our resources to you. Our experience gives us credibility that our policyholders have come to rely on. As a policyholder, you become a member of LMIC. Generations of California lawyers understand the value of membership in LMIC. Membership benefits include a policy and the following:

  • Financial Stability
  • A.M. Best “Excellent”
  • 50+ Hours FREE Online MCLE
  • Lawyer-to-Lawyer Claims Prevention Hotline
  • Longevity Credits
  • Preferred Policyholder Discounts
  • Easy Renewal Process
  • Dividends*

LMIC has a Standard Program of coverage designed to protect most lawyers throughout their career and eligible policyholders who remain with us over time earn Longevity Credits and Preferred Rates. California lawyers have a variety of needs and that’s why we created a range of creative, highly specialized programs in addition to our Standard Program.  Click here to learn about the Standard Program.

LMIC also offers many lower premium specialty coverage programs for qualifying lawyers who practice Criminal Law, Immigration Law, Appellate Law, Insurance Defense Law and Arbitration/Mediation. Click here for more information about these programs.

If you are a brand new lawyer just out of law school or just starting out on your own, ask about out Strong Start Program, which is a graduated premium program offering a low starting rate of $500 for no prior acts and $100,000/300,000 in limits for lawyers who have been licensed 3 years or less.  Click here to learn about and apply for the Strong Start Program.

For more information visit our website at or call us at (800) 252-2045.

We offer more than just an insurance policy!

*Dividends are paid at the sole discretion of the Company’s Board of Directors and past dividends do not guarantee the payment or amount of future dividends.

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*Please contact vendors directly for customer service.

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