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You have enough obstacles; getting paid shouldn’t be one of them. EasyPayJD can help you get paid quickly and easily.

Stop fretting over whether you’ll receive enough of your outstanding balances to pay the rent this month. Stop chasing money and risking the good will of your clients in order to collect. EasyPayJD exists to make sure you don’t have to.

EasyPayJD is the newest innovation from the company that has been making payments simple for doctors and other professionals for twenty years. Companies as prestigious as Marriott Corporate Housing and as busy as solo practice doctors trust us to process their payments securely and efficiently.

Make your day easier and your past due accounts a thing of the past with these benefits.

  • 2 Minute Sign Up (Zero paperwork)
  • PCI Level 1 Security (Highest industry standard)
  • Supports Multiple Accounts (Operating, Trust, IOLTA)
  • Card-on-file payments (Make sure you get paid)
  • Unbundled portability (Unchain yourself)
  • Automated recurring payment plans (Think evergreen retainers)

We’ve streamlined everything for busy solo and small firm attorneys. You are just two steps from getting paid!

Register now Learn more at EasyPayJD.com

1. Sign up requires your name, business name, address, and bar number – that’s all (Watch the Video Above)!

2. Processing a payment is as simple as ABC123 – Done (Watch the Video Below)!

Announcing EasyPayJD: Does This New Payment Software Pass the Ambrogi Test?, September 27, 2016

*Please contact vendors directly for customer service.

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