SPU Classes Can Now Be Viewed on Your iPad and iPhone

Enjoy SPU Classes on your iPad and iPhone.

The vast majority of video and audio lessons at Solo Practice University® are now available to students using iPhones and iPads.

Two weeks ago, we quietly rolled out a new video player that detects the playback capabilities of each student and serves the most appropriate video player based on those capabilities. That means if you’re using a device or browser that doesn’t support Adobe® Flash®, including the iPhone or iPad, the video will instead be served up using an HTML5 player and controls.

Even if you’re not using an iPhone or iPad, you should notice faster video load times and enhanced playback when skipping ahead in the video player timeline.

While there are still a few older video and audio files that are in the process of being converted to the new format, we expect to have those last few files converted within the next couple weeks.

If you’re not already enrolled at Solo Practice University® and want to take this new technology for a test drive, you can preview the new video playback using the sample videos on our about page.

What’s next? We’re working on a new and improved interface that focuses on simplicity, fast loading, and device responsiveness. Stay tuned!

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3 comments on “SPU Classes Can Now Be Viewed on Your iPad and iPhone

    • There isn’t a native app. But when viewing the website using the iPhone/iPad, videos will now play using native playback. The video player used to only work with devices that supported Adobe Flash. Now videos will only use Flash if your device supports Flash.

      The next upgrade will be improving the design and adding some responsiveness so that the website will be more optimized when using an iPhone or iPad.

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