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A Solo’s Smokeball Story

“With Smokeball I can find what I need quickly, in one place, instead of searching through fifty pages.” – John Zachara, J.D.

It’s time to get serious about running your law practice.

Smokeball is where lawyers like you come when they want their law practice to run like a well-oiled machine. A practice leveraging technology to increase profits, decrease errors, so they can deliver an extraordinary level of client service… from anywhere.

The difference between us and that free trial you’re checking out is that Smokeball is built to support your particular area of law and specific case type. With over 150 different matter layouts, we collect exactly the information you need to execute your work, including multiple parties on a case, business entities and marital partners. Then we merge your client and case information into the unique documents, forms and PDF’s you use most often. All the while, you are storing client emails back to the digital file as they are sent or received, keeping you effortlessly organized and ready to take on each client call with ease.

Smokeball is the paralegal who lives in your computer.  It is the powerful engine behind successful small law firms. We standardize the way you work, organize all details of client information and put you in control of every situation you encounter. Why? So you can… Focus on the Law you Love.

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