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LEAP is a cloud-based law office management software supplier with a sole focus on the needs of small law firms and assisting them to operate more efficiently and productively.

As LEAP only provides software to small law firms of between 1 and 25 people, they help the lawyers who help people. With this deliberate focus they provide the very best solutions for solo and small law firm attorneys.

LEAP commits more than $6,000,000 a year to annual Research and Development, aimed solely at improving and inventing great solutions for small law firms.

LEAP is everything attorneys need to run a small law firm and allows everyone to work naturally using a single integrated system. LEAP includes pre-configured Matter Types covering all the common areas of law. With easy to complete fields LEAP enables you to automate documents and run all matters efficiently and confidently.

Integration with Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel means you can continue to use the tools you know and love rather than re-train yourself or your staff in the use of additional systems. You can even keep your bookkeeper happy as accounting is made easy in LEAP.

The LEAP brand promise is that ‘Firms using LEAP make more MONEY’.

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One practice management software to run your small law firm profitably

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