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When ALPS began in 1988, the options for lawyers’ professional liability insurance (LPLI) were often unaffordable and unreliable. ALPS was created by attorneys in response to this crisis, helping bring stability to the marketplace. Since then ALPS has maintained a constant commitment to the legal community and is now the endorsed LPLI provider for more State Bar Associations than any other carrier. 

Just because you’re a solo attorney doesn’t mean you’re on your own.

As a solo attorney, you’re called upon to be all things within your practice. From accounting to IT to new business development, your day-to-day activities include much more than merely practicing law. With so much on your radar screen, you need protection for both you and your clients. As the preeminent provider of claims-made and reported LPLI insurance, you need ALPS to stand behind you.


  • Competitive premiums
  • Online account management
  • Direct access to sales, underwriting, and claims
  • Financing for qualified attorneys
  • Defense costs paid in addition to limits of liability
  • Peer review or “Settlement and Consent to Settle”
  • First Dollar Defense (FDD)
  • Aggregate deductible
  • Reduced deductible
  • Participation in the choice of your defense counsel, should you have a claim

What makes ALPS unique?

  • A stabilizing force in the liability insurance market for legal professionals
  • Cyber and EPLI coverage on opt-out basis
  • High caliber, accredited Continuing Legal Education opportunities
  • Surety and fidelity bonds available through Capitol Insurance at a 25% savings for policyholders
  • Risk management resources and support for start-up solo firms
  • Dedication to the jurisdictions we serve
  • Lifetime 10% discount for policyholders on CLIO, a web-based practice management system

Contact our knowledgeable insurance staff today for a free, no obligation quote: 800-367-2577 or

Please note: ALPS does not currently issue policies in the following states: Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin. To view a full list of ALPS Registered and Bar Endorsed states, click here. If you are seeking insurance in California, please contact SPU sponsor, Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company.


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4 comments on “ALPS

    • Hi Elizabeth. We indicated in our sponsorship post they don’t write policies in California and encouraged those who are in CA to check out Lawyer’s Mutual Insurance in CA. You can find the link in our CO-OP.

    • Elizabeth – I sincerely apologize for any frustration caused by this situation. We pride ourselves on our service and being clear & transparent. As Susan mentions, we will update our information on Solo Practice University to make it more clear, and look for ways to make it even more clear on our site.

      For any other potential applicants interested in applying, please visit the following link for a list of the states where we are registered:

      In addition, the front page of our online application lists the same registered states:

      Again, and to your point Elizabeth: we will make this more clear in all areas where you may be inquiring about ALPS. Should you, or anyone else, have questions of any sort I am happy to talk with you directly.

      Matt Lubaroff
      Director of Client Services
      ALPS Corporation

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