What Are You Doing To Help Your Business In This Troubled Economy?

John Jantsch wrote a terrific piece a few years ago called “7 Time-Tested Ways to Dig Out From a Recession”. My position, however, is a little different. You should be doing these things ALL THE TIME. While you can read all seven ideas on John’s great site, I’m going to highlight numbers three, six and […]

Retirement and the Solo Practice – A Gold Mine for a Young Lawyer

This post was written by Bob Minto and has been reprinted with permission. Link to original article. Robert W. Minto, Jr. has served as President and CEO and Director of ALPS Corporation since 1987. He also serves as President and CEO of Attorneys Liability Protection Society, Inc., A Risk Retention Group; Peak Investment Management Ltd; […]

What Clients Want

In 2000 Mel Gibson starred in a movie called “What Women Want” in which a freak accident caused his character, Nick Marshall, to suddenly have the ability to hear women’s unspoken thoughts. He initially found it to be a very disconcerting experience, because (1) he discovered that he had some erroneous assumptions, and (2) women’s […]