The “Of Counsel” Question

According to American Bar Association Formal Opinion 90-357 the term “of counsel” describes “a close, regular, personal relationship” between an attorney and firm, usually when the attorney works for the firm not as an associate or a partner but as an independent contractor. As a solo or small firm lawyer, the decision to become Of Counsel […]

The Circle of 8 for Solos: A Mastermind Group on Steroids

Last month Susan Cartier Liebel wrote a post for SPU about the value of mastermind groups for solo practitioners. I concur that a small group of colleagues who meet regularly can be very valuable for a solo. They can provide support, accountability, solution brainstorming and a sense of community in a potentially isolating practice. Mastermind […]

When Is The Last Time You Wore Your Client’s Shoes?

I periodically like to run a year-to-year comparison on five non-negotiable household expenses in order to finesse the household budget. While I expected to be unhappy at the increase in my day-to-day expenses, I didn’t expect to be slack-jawed when I looked at the last ten years. Expense 2001 2011 %Increase Home Heating Oil $1,000 […]