The Circle of 8 for Solos: A Mastermind Group on Steroids

Last month Susan Cartier Liebel wrote a post for SPU about the value of mastermind groups for solo practitioners. I concur that a small group of colleagues who meet regularly can be very valuable for a solo. They can provide support, accountability, solution brainstorming and a sense of community in a potentially isolating practice. Mastermind […]

When Is The Last Time You Wore Your Client’s Shoes?

I periodically like to run a year-to-year comparison on five non-negotiable household expenses in order to finesse the household budget. While I expected to be unhappy at the increase in my day-to-day expenses, I didn’t expect to be slack-jawed when I looked at the last ten years. Expense 2001 2011 %Increase Home Heating Oil $1,000 […]

Solos Seeking Health Insurance May Start Catching A Break

One of the biggest issues facing solos has been the high cost of health care.   Unless they have a spouse who carries them on their employer-sponsored plan (known as a family plan), purchasing health insurance is, in many cases, cost-prohibitive.  It’s also a reason many people go without health insurance.  Purchasing health insurance is also […]

Are You Suffering From Brain Drain?

This vintage post from Men with Pens addresses a very big issue solo practitioners face; too many things to do, not enough time. The end result, lost time, brain drain and at a significant cost to your business and personal life: Seven Ways to Battle Productivity Brain Drain Too many ideas at once dig into […]

The Value of Mastermind Groups For The Solo Practitioner

Business, as in life, revolves around the relationships we cultivate. The give and take we enjoy. If we choose our relationships with great care, nurture and cultivate them, then these relationships have the ability to impact our professional and personal future and can profoundly determine the course of our professional lives. It’s also said that […]