Hurricane Sandy Proves You Can No Longer Avoid Social Media for Business

Hurricane Sandy has taught us a lot about the role of social media. Yes, we heard how in another country it helped foment a  revolution. One person’s query on Twitter tipped the world off that the assault on Bin Laden’s compound was in process. One person’s Facebook post that he’d been arrested in a foreign country got him help from the […]

The Value of Mastermind Groups For The Solo Practitioner

Business, as in life, revolves around the relationships we cultivate. The give and take we enjoy. If we choose our relationships with great care, nurture and cultivate them, then these relationships have the ability to impact our professional and personal future and can profoundly determine the course of our professional lives. It’s also said that […]

Should Lawyers Be Interested in Pinterest?

I know. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, now Pinterest.  Can you handle yet another distraction?  Well, when you first heard about blogging it was just for people journaling about their everyday problems…until it wasn’t.  When you first heard about Facebook you thought it was just for your teenagers….until it wasn’t.  When you first heard about YouTube […]

Social Media Skill Adds Value in Job Search…And Solo Practice

Social Media Attorney Job Opportunity! Our DC office is working on a search for a Social Media/Patent Attorney – 2+ yrs patent prosecution experience + social media experience required – message me for details Appropriately so, this ad was posted on Facebook by legal recruiter extraordinaire, Amanda Ellis. Amanda encourages law students and all lawyers […]

Getting Social: My Social Media Journey

Social media has been very good to me! I have made friends, connected with colleagues and potential clients, been able to brand myself as the “Gen Y Lawyer,” been asked to do interviews and guest posts, landed a couple of writing gigs (for example, that’s how I got this job writing for Solo Practice University!), among other things. I highly recommend social media as an effective way to brand and market yourself as a young or new attorney.

Audio: Social Media & Networking For Businesses (Part 3)

Toby Bloomberg teaches about social media and networking for businesses at Solo Practice University® in a series of Guest Lectures. This lecture was recorded February, 2011. You can listen to her previous guest lectures here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). Toby Bloomberg is passionate about helping people (not companies) create initiatives that leverage the […]

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