The Value of Mastermind Groups For The Solo Practitioner

Business, as in life, revolves around the relationships we cultivate. The give and take we enjoy. If we choose our relationships with great care, nurture and cultivate them, then these relationships have the ability to impact our professional and personal future and can profoundly determine the course of our professional lives. It’s also said that […]

The Power of Group Referrals

In marketing most already understand the incredible value and power there is in getting a referral from someone who knows you and trusts you versus a cold call from a stand alone advertisement such as the yellow pages or a TV ad.  Marketing professionals encourage you to cultivate the people who already have some type of relationship with […]

Using QR Codes In Your Practice

QR codes are all the rage. More than 20 million mobile phone users used QR codes in the last quarter of 2011.  And mobile user searches on the internet have been growing exponentially. QR Code is Quick Response Code – a bar code which can bring you to a designated internet location or QR Codes can be programmed […]