Meet The Girls

If you live in Connecticut you have heard of John Haymond and the Haymond Law Firm. With a h/t to Norm Pattis, we discover that John Haymond has turned into ‘Simply Irresistible’ Robert Palmer and now has a bevvy of (cough in hand) beauties promoting his law firm to his biker audience. I’m not going […]

SPU Classes in May, June, July…and Much More!

These past three months have been very exciting at Solo Practice University! We have introduced many more classes and new courses as well as helping more lawyers and law students discover how beneficial having an online community like SPU can be for the growth of their solo practices. We are also expanding by leaps and […]

The Road To Independence

Last year when I received an invitation from the ABA’s Commission on Women in the Profession to contribute to their newest book The Road to Independence with words about my journey to starting my own law firm, I was excited and thought it was an interesting concept.  I especially appreciated it was focused on the […]

Audio: Savvy Solos with Spencer Aronfeld

During his 20 years in private practice as a solo, Spencer Aronfeld has enjoyed powerful courtroom victories over Walt Disney World, Wild Oats, P.A.C. Construction, Fedan Tire, and Todel Apartments and has gained international recognition as a lawyer for the people. One of the reasons I LOVE doing these Savvy Solos interviews is I get […]

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