Why New (And Not So New) Lawyers Should Be Brushing Up On Their Spanish

UPDATE:  New statistics say By 2050 U.S. Could Have More Spanish Speakers Than ANY OTHER COUNTRY. First, this is not a political post. I will be laying out facts and projections. The goal is for you to use the information (or not) when thinking about the (very near) future of your law practice. Period. I […]

(FREE SPU CLASS) – Google Privacy Policies & TOS

The very resourceful, Martha Sperry, who teaches a course called “Everything Google – Using Free & Cheap Tools To Ease Your Workload And Budget”, put together a bonus class for Solo Practice University students called ‘Google’s New Privacy Policies & Terms of Service’ discussing the changes going into effect March 1, 2012.  We thought we’d share Martha’s mini bonus […]

What is Marketing Anyway?

Last week someone I know sent me an e-mail and asked if I was following the hashtagged conversation #MPF12. I guess it was a marketing convention in Miami. I wasn’t following it; didn’t know about it. But the thrust of this lawyer’s concern was as he watched the tweets he was appalled as what he […]

Solo Practice University® “Bridges” Program Adds Two More Law Schools

California and Arkansas Schools Join New York School Helping Students and Alumni Prepare for Practice NEW HAVEN, CT (January 17, 2012) — Solo Practice University® (SPU), the leading online educational and professional networking community for lawyers and law students, is proud to announce strategic partnerships with two more law schools to help their students and […]

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