The Virtual Law Office Debate…Really?

Carolyn Elefant at has taken Lee Rosen of Divorce Discourse to task in her new post ‘The Virtual Law Office Debate’. Why?  Because he has written a provocative post called ‘What the Virtual Law Office Advocates Are Not Telling You. Whenever change is inevitable, before it becomes mainstream, it is framed as a debate.  […]

Faculty Announcement – Roman Matatov

Roman Matatov is a Forensic Accountant and Business Appraiser. He will teach a course called “Principles of Financial Forensics” at Solo Practice University®. Roman Zaurovich Matatov is a Forensic Accountant and Business Appraiser, specializing in business and intellectual property disputes. Mr. Matatov’s practice also includes appraising intangible assets, intellectual properties and business interests; commercial and […]

Are You Really Ready For the Changing Work World? Hold On.

The workplace is becoming more and more virtual, with meetings occurring across time zones and organizations and with participants who barely know each other, working on swarms attacking rapidly emerging problems. But the employee will still have a “place” where they work. Many will have neither a company-provided physical office nor a desk, and their […]