A Mother’s Day Tribute (I Love This!)

This was written by Attorney Frank Guertin, a North Branford, CT practitioner who has no website I can find.  He is not on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook :-)  He has been a columnist for the Tototoket times  writing ‘Let’s Be Frank’ for as along as I can remember – a maximum 10 page local paper, […]

Audio: What’s New – Appellate Practice and Procedure with D. Todd Smith

D. Todd Smith is a certified specialist in civil appellate law. He teaches a course about appellate practice and procedure at Solo Practice University®. This interview is approximately 52 minutes. Listen directly below. http://spucdn.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/dtoddsmith-mar11-2011.mp3Download (.MP3) Todd and I enjoyed nearly an hour of discussion on what is new in appellate practice and procedure. This is […]

Audio: What’s New – Entertainment Law with Gordon Firemark

Gordon Firemark is an attorney whose practice is devoted to the representation of artists, writers, producers and directors in the fields of theater, film, television,and music. He teaches a course on how to create and build an entertainment law practice at Solo Practice University®. The interview is about 55 minutes long. Listen directly below. http://spucdn.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/firemark-feb9-2011.mp3Download […]

The Future of (Legal) Education

This past Friday and Saturday I had the distinct privilege to be invited to attend the Future of Legal Education Conference (Twitter stream #fe3)  hosted by Harvard Law School and New York Law School.  It was actually an amazing experience because a core group of legal educators came together to share ideas on how to […]

What’s New – Macs in the Law Office with Victor Medina

Victor Medina is the managing partner of a small law firm run entirely on Mac computers and Apple products. The interview is about 49 minutes long. Listen directly below. http://spucdn.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/medina-feb11-2011-whats-new-milo.mp3Download (.MP3) Victor and I had a terrific conversation about Macs in the Law Office (I’m slowly converting over to Macs – just one old gadget […]

Audio: Social Media & Networking For Businesses (Part 3)

Toby Bloomberg teaches about social media and networking for businesses at Solo Practice University® in a series of Guest Lectures. This lecture was recorded February, 2011. You can listen to her previous guest lectures here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). Toby Bloomberg is passionate about helping people (not companies) create initiatives that leverage the […]