Meet Us in Boston Tonight – November 30th!

I know this was a little late.  However, I will be presenting at the FirmFuture conference tomorrow at the Boston Copley Marriott.  And tonight there is an SPU meetup at the Lennox Hotel from 6 – 8 if you happen to be in the Boston area and free.  Also in attendance will be faculty members […]

Giving Thanks For Innovation & Perseverance

Yesterday I had an incredible conversation with two legal innovators from the academic world who absolutely blew me away with their vision and how they are quite possibly already changing the face of legal education across the world.  Yes, across the world because their project partners include law schools not only in the United States […]

New York Times: Great Article; Faulty Conclusions About Soloing Out of School

(Update: Victoria Pynchon has continued this conversation in her popular Forbes column in a post called ‘Occupy Law School at Solo Practice University‘) To succeed in this environment, graduates will need entrepreneurial skills, management ability and some expertise in landing clients. They will need to know less about Contracts and more about contracts. “Where do […]

What Do You Do When….

Back in August the northeast was hit with hurricane Irene which destroyed the Connecticut coastline in many areas, homes and businesses went without electric for up to a week.  In response I posted When Disaster Strikes: The Client Communications Plan. At the end of October the northeast was hit with a freak pre-Halloween snow storm […]

3 Success Secrets … of Geese

For years now I have received a newsletter by Denise Hedges and Barbara Mercer.  I just love the way they write, their topic matter, and the inspiration they provide.  This past week they sent out their newsletter offering an article about geese and why they thrive.  It seemed so appropriate for the solo practitioner, their […]

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