How ‘Facebook’ In Our Daily Living Will Impact Solos

UPDATE: While not specifically geared towards law firms, this is a very powerful article from Entrepreneur magazine about social media and business.  I strongly encourage you to read ‘Tearing Down the Walls: How Social Media Is Changing Everything About The Way We Do Business.” One notable highlight: “…..Charlene Li, one of the world’s leading thinkers […]

Today I Was ‘Uppity White Trash’

(Written 1/31/11) Seriously.  There is a marketing lesson for solo practitioners in the following story.  Please keep it in the ‘business dress’ context for which it was designed and do read the comments Let me set the stage. We are in the middle of historic snow storms in the Northeast.  Everyone is bundled up for […]

How Major Changes In Our Daily Living Will Impact Solo Practices (Part III)

We are continuing to discuss the major societal and cultural changes coming to a head in 2011 and how your clients are going to be impacted by them.  You can read the first two discussions here and here to catch up. This third post is going to discuss changes in housing, newspapers, communications and social media. […]