Faculty Announcement – Rochelle Richardson

Rochelle Richardson will teach “Introduction to Veterans Law” at Solo Practice University®. Ms. Richardson is a Washington, DC attorney and veterans advocate.  Her law office, Rochelle E. Richardson, Attorney at Law, PLLC, offers general legal services to families, individuals, and businesses in the District of Columbia and provides representation to veterans of the U.S. Armed […]

Networking For Shy Lawyers

Networking for Shy Lawyers I’ve resurrected this post from three years ago because it is a timeless piece and one which needs to be addressed on a constant basis. Please bookmark, save the links to all the great articles and keep reviewing as you need to. The posts incorporated really get to the heart of […]

Faculty Announcement – Celeste H.G. Boyd

Celeste H.G. Boyd will teach a course about freelance lawyering at Solo Practice University®. Celeste H.G. Boyd is a Freelance Attorney licensed in New Mexico and North Carolina, a Yale Law School graduate, and a military spouse (among other things). Recently, in addition to her freelance practice, Celeste also began serving as Of Counsel to […]

Faculty Announcement – Bruce Godfrey

Bruce Godfrey will teach the course “Unemployment Appeals – Law, Practice and Procedure” at Solo Practice University®. Bruce Godfrey practices in unemployment benefits litigation, wage and hour claims and traffic and criminal defense throughout Maryland’s metropolitan core. His practice has become recognized as one of the leading unemployment litigation firms in Maryland through its innovative […]

7 Time-Tested Ways to Dig Out From A Recession

John Jantsch writes a terrific piece called “7 Time-Tested Ways to Dig Out From a Recession”. My position, however, is a little different.  You should be doing these things ALL THE TIME. While you can read all seven ideas on John’s great site, I’m going to highlight numbers three, six and seven because I know […]

Meet The Girls

If you live in Connecticut you have heard of John Haymond and the Haymond Law Firm. With a h/t to Norm Pattis, we discover that John Haymond has turned into ‘Simply Irresistible’ Robert Palmer and now has a bevvy of (cough in hand) beauties promoting his law firm to his biker audience. I’m not going […]

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