Faculty Announcement – David Schnurman

David Schnurman is an entrepreneur based in New York City. He will teach the course, “Building Blocks for Successful Entrepreneurship” at Solo Practice University®. David Schnurman is a passionate entrepreneur whose primary focus is creating a collaborative environment where individuals can actively learn and share their knowledge. He is the founder of two e-learning companies, […]

Faculty Announcement – Allison Wood

Allison Wood partners with solos and firms to provide ethics counsel. She will teach “Legal Ethics” at Solo Practice University®. Allison L. Wood, is the principal of Legal Ethics Consulting, P.C., where she provides preventative ethics counseling; research for ethical inquiries; and disciplinary and malpractice defense. Prior to starting her firm, Ms. Wood served nearly […]

Solo Practice University Turns 3!

It’s the offical first day of Spring, 2012! Three years ago today on the first day of Spring 2009 Solo Practice University® opened it’s virtual doors.  Since then we have helped almost 1,000 enrollees create and grow their own solo/small firm practices. Visually, as we’ve grown we’ve gone through many incarnations.  Yet our mission has been […]

Do The Math: Nearly 50% of All Law Grads Will Not Get Jobs.

“In his new book Failing Law Schools, Washington University law professor Brian Tamanaha cites a remarkable statistic. American law schools, he reports, produce 45,000 new graduates each year; but recruiters expect only 25,000 job openings annually through 2018.” Edge International Consulting. This is staggering! If you do the math this means from 2012 – 2018, […]

SPU Meetup in Georgia Saturday March 3rd

On Saturday, March 3rd I am going to be moderating a panel on going solo at WIPI (Working in the Public Interest) Conference being held at the University of Georgia Law School in Athens, Georgia. My session is co-hosted by the Black Law Students Association and runs from 1:30 – 3:00.  (If you’re interested in […]

Why New (And Not So New) Lawyers Should Be Brushing Up On Their Spanish

UPDATE:  New statistics say By 2050 U.S. Could Have More Spanish Speakers Than ANY OTHER COUNTRY. First, this is not a political post. I will be laying out facts and projections. The goal is for you to use the information (or not) when thinking about the (very near) future of your law practice. Period. I […]

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