How I Snagged a Great Domain Name

Is there a website domain name that you wish you could get your hands on for your law firm? Have you wondered how to do it? Perhaps someone owns it, but they don’t actually have a website up. That’s the situation I found myself in. The owner had a multi-year registration, but hadn’t posted a […]

How To Get Remembered

Years ago at an early morning meeting Jimmy Brill, a veteran estate planning lawyer and the founder of Solos Supporting Solos, asked each of 30 lawyers to introduce themselves and their practices. I didn’t know any of them, and they all faded into a blur, except for one tall gentleman in a straw hat and […]

Should You Put Yourself on Probation?

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Walt Kelly in Pogo comic strip Last month we explored some ways to uncover obstacles to good performance by our office talent. We looked at whether they have the necessary training, the optimal equipment and clear instructions, among other things. What if you’ve made sure your […]

Poor Performance by Employees? It Might Be You!

Do you have an employee who just doesn’t seem to be performing up to snuff? Is there a way to rehabilitate that employee? Or do you have to choose between termination and tolerating inferior performance? Employee turnover is time consuming, disruptive, costly and often bad for office morale (including yours). Before jumping to the conclusion […]

The Circle of 8 for Solos: A Mastermind Group on Steroids

Last month Susan Cartier Liebel wrote a post for SPU about the value of mastermind groups for solo practitioners. I concur that a small group of colleagues who meet regularly can be very valuable for a solo. They can provide support, accountability, solution brainstorming and a sense of community in a potentially isolating practice. Mastermind […]