Why You Should Attend ATL’s Converge Conference in NYC 3/18


First,  Converge is not a conference featuring the usual suspects speaking and prognosticating on the future of law.  (Not that that’s a bad thing!) However, because this conference is being put together by Above The Law, who has no skin in the game either way the profession goes, you will get a multitude of perspectives drawn from a vast pool of intellectual talent that can only be gathered because of David Lat’s incredible reach deep into the legal and publishing worlds.  This is a conference which can definitely help guide your professional future.

Here are some great writeups put together on the panels and the panelists.

  • The Future of Law - Will discovery be handled by an algorithm in the Philippines? Divorce lawyers replaced by a drop down menu on LegalZoom? An army of associates in Wheeling, West Virginia, that can be deployed with a click from one partner in a bunker in Midtown? Will the law jobs of the future be going to the kid who griefed your cabin in Minecraft last night?
  • Does Privacy Even Exist Anymore? - This panel will serve as an exploration of the intersection of law and policy issues relating to online reputation, information privacy, client confidentiality, cybersecurity, and other related topics, with a special emphasis on recent jurisprudence such as the Google “right to be forgotten” case.
  • How Can You Get The Media To Cover Your Story? – THE David Law will moderate a discussion featuring Ashby Jones, deputy bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal’s law bureau, and John Hellerman, partner and co-founder of Hellerman Baretz Communications, about media strategies for legal professionals. Jones and Hellerman will share tips and wisdom about what to do — and what not to do — when pitching the media on your story.

And here is the full agenda.

ATL CONVERGE showcases some of the legal industry’s most thought provoking speakers. This year’s lineup includes Boies Schiller’s Michael Gottlieb, The Wall Street Journal’s Ashby Jones, Mashable’s Social Projects Director Ryan Lytle, Buying Legal Council’s Dr. Silvia Hodges-Silverstein, and many more.

CONVERGE will provide attendees with insight into media strategies, innovative technologies, as well as strategies and best practices from successful digital marketing campaigns.  Immerse yourself in topics such as Content Strategy, Audience Engagement, Social Technology, Targeting & Optimization, Analytics & Data.

ATL Converge has also offered Solo Practice University’s readership and students 15% off registration (and we also do not collect a dime…the benefit is strictly passed on to you.) Use promo code: SoloU15

I would take advantage of this conference if you can because in a day and age of the same ‘ol conferences year after year, this one will prove to be a standout and provide invaluable information you probably won’t get anywhere else.

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