I Believe I Can. So I’m Doing!

Positive AttitudeKeeping it short and sweet this month.  It’s all about attitude.

*Rezooming your legal profession starts with your belief that you can. Nothing else matters. Wishing and hoping will not become believing and knowing. You need to decide to adopt the latter. If you don’t you will find the obstacles to rezooming insurmountable. A belief is a thought you keep thinking. It becomes part of you. It can be positive or negative; it can help or hinder. It is your choice. Believe you can emerge from your present life and re-establish yourself as a lawyer and you will.

How do you begin to believe and follow your dream? By having the dream and then knowing it can actually happen. As you contemplate getting back in the game, what seems difficult right now will get easier. Keep leaning in the direction of what feels right.  If something happens to shake your resolve take a moment, calm down and resume forward movement. Nothing you ever do is wrong. Mistakes are important lessons on the way to success. Focus on being positive, it will sustain your progress and success will come more easily.

Ask anyone who has successfully rezoomed how they did it. What did they believe when they took those first steps? Listen to the tales of their journey. Observe their attitude and weigh the advice they give you. Do they believe in the success of rezooming their legal career or not? Take away only what resonates positively with you. Discard any negativity.  Don’t discard proper advice, just the negative attitude towards the experience of rezooming.

The right mind set helps you enter the fray and keep your head above the waters of doubt and disappointment. You will learn from it all and not be defeated. Here’s the thing.  The plan may not actually work the way you visualized; it may work out even better! When you look back pick what was valuable and use it to support your journey. We all know that positive thinking frequently leads directly to positive results.

Believing and knowing are key; they are the easiest part of the rezooming adventure. Choose to create your own path and above all remain positive. Your belief will map the journey; it will unfold unfettered before you. Now get out there, remain positive and believe you can rezoom.

*Rezooming – returning to the legal profession after an extended hiatus from practicing law

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