Faculty Announcement – Lee Burgess

Lee Burgess will teach the course Conquering the Bar Exam at Solo Practice University®.

Lee Burgess has been helping students in law school and those studying for the California bar exam find exam success since 2009. Lee is the co-founder of the Law School Toolbox and the Bar Exam Toolbox, which are online resources that help law students find exam success both in law school and on the bar exam. She also tutors students one-on-one for the California bar exam and works with law students on writing and exam-taking skills. Lee is currently adjunct faculty at Golden Gate University School of Law, where she teaches a class on preparing for the bar exam.

Prior to finding her passion for helping law students and graduates succeed in law school and on the bar exam, Lee practiced commercial litigation at a large law firm.

Lee is a prolific writer, writing on issues relating to law school and the California bar examination on her blogs and around the Web.  She also has a blog series here on Solo Practice University®, including tips for the bar exam.

She is excited to help Solo Practice University® members get the most out of their bar preparation experience and find success on the bar exam.

The Conquering the Bar Exam course is not your typical bar review course. The course will not be packed full of hours upon hours of substantive material.  It will focus more on studying smart and effectively succeeding at each section of the bar exam.

If you are getting ready to study for the bar exam in the upcoming months, this course will be a bar exam primer—introducing you to the various sections of the bar exam, suggesting study strategies, and going over some substantive law review. Upon completing this course, you will be better prepared than most to start your bar prep.

If you are currently studying for the bar exam, this course is an excellent supplement to your study efforts. It will focus on the test-taking skills you need to succeed, which Lee has been told some students wish they had more focus on as part of their bar preparation.

Lee is a native of California and lives in San Francisco. Along with her passion for helping law students succeed, Lee is dedicated to empowering young women to become our future leaders. She is currently the president of the board of directors of GirlVentures, a Bay Area nonprofit that provides leadership training to middle school and high school girls through experiential education.

Syllabus – Conquering the Bar Exam

Introduction to the Bar Exam: 

  • What is the bar exam and what should you expect?
  • Let’s dispel five myths about bar exam study.
  • Let’s evaluate your bar readiness.
  • Thoughts on how to approach studying after disappointing results.

How to Approach Studying for the MBE: 

  • Details about the MBE.
  • Be strategic about your MBE study.
  • Walk through MBE questions and review testing strategies.

How to Study the Law for the Essay Portion: 

  • How to turn hours of lecture into study materials that matter to you.
  • How to simplify the law so you can learn it.
  • The importance of attack plans and checklists (how to make them and use them).

How to Write a Great Essay Exam Answer:

  • You must become an expert at reading the facts.
  • You must have a quality pre-writing approach.
  • What makes a great essay exam answer?
  • Review and evaluate real essay exam answers (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

How to Approach the Performance Test: 

  • What is the performance test?
  • What makes a good performance test answer?
  • You must have a quality pre-writing approach.
  • Review and evaluate real performance tests and answers.

Winning the Mental Game and Getting Through Bar Prep Successfully! 

  • Dealing with bar exam stress and anxiety.
  • Mentally preparing for “game day.”
  • Planning ahead for exam week.
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