SPU Classes in July…and More!

July Classes

July has been a hot month – in more ways than one! Check out all the “hot” classes from our faculty:

Session 14 of Creating a Social Security Disability Practice was Part 4  of  Social Security Disability Hearings from Jonathan Ginsberg.

Gerry Oginski posted a couple of new lessons in Creating Online Video for Attorneys. The first was Attorney Video: Be Like Costco And Follow The Hottest Trends and the second was Why your videos are not converting online viewers into callers.

In Introduction to Products Liability Litigation, we have Class 14: Products Liability Litigation Testing — Should You Do It from Craig Niedenthal.

At LawBiz Management, Ed Poll gives us Business Competency for Lawyers, The Lawyer-Banker Relationship and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Planning.

Lusting after Apple’s new tech gadget, the iPad? Well head over to Macs In the Law Office and let Victor Medina tell you all about it in Lesson 7 – iPad Walkthrough.

Richard Maseles offers a Mini-lesson on a pretty incredible US Constitution resource at Real World Legal Research.

Lesson 11 of Construction Practice 101 is How Solo Practice Helps by Chris Hill.

James Chartrand explains that You Don’t Need to Be a Blogger in Legal Blogging.

The topic of Lesson 5 of Business Law is Securities courtesy of Trippe Fried.

Jay Shepherd gives Tips for Your Practice in Lesson 6 of Fixing Your Fees, Fixing Your Practice.

In Lesson 3 of Landlord Tenant Law Kira Fonteneau discusses Landlord’s Obligations to the Tenant.

The most recent advice in the Virtual Law Practice classroom is about Selection of a Cloud Computing Provider for your Virtual Law Office from Stephanie Kimbro.

Gordon Firemark’s Lesson 12 in Entertainment Law is a Grab Bag! Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Students have said every jewel in this grab bag is a keeper.

Lesson 9 of Trial Techniques is Depositions from Greg Yaghmai.

Kimberly Alderman‘s latest class in Freelance Lawyering is about Billing and Finance.

Guest Lectures

We also had a Guest Lecture this month from Nikki Mehrpoo Jacobson on ‘How To Create An Immigration Practice’.  Nikki has also very generously agreed to mentor SPU students who would like to learn more about immigration and will do so through her own study group within SPU.

We also have two more guest lectures lined up for August and September.  Both will be available for free on the SPU Facebook page. Be sure to ‘like’ us and start listening!

SPU Meetup

Fun was had by all at the first Official SPU MeetUp from our students in New York Metro. Check it out.

Most popular posts from Build a Solo Practice @ SPU:

The comment discussion is particularly interesting in The ABA: Friend, Foe or…Simply Irrelevant for the Solo?

Also stirring passions was the highly read Why Don’t More New Lawyers Go Solo?

Very well received was ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go….

And “Can Saying ‘I’m Sorry’ Create More Client Income For You?’ Find out.

Highlights from Student Blogs:

We are also VERY excited to premiere a new SPU upgrade as well as adding new faculty by the end of this month and throughout September.  Just putting the finishing touches on faculty profiles, announcements and classes.  It makes for an exciting ‘Back To School’ and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

See you on the inside!

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