Solo Practice University Is A Bona Fide Hit With Lawyers and Law Students Alike

The verdict is in.  The students who have enrolled so far are thrilled with Solo Practice University™:

I logged in yesterday to SPU and I want to tell you that it has brought new excitement to my willingness to practice law. The information that is available on this site is outstanding! Not only have you provided a great web site, but you have injected new enthusiasm into my veins. – Glenn Cook

“SPU is like a giant toy store, and I’m like a little kid – simply thrilled to be here. Although I know I can do this (go solo right out of school), it can, at times seem like a daunting task. SPU is so empowering, I don’t know why I even continue to surf job listings anymore. It’s not like there’s anyone I want to work for other than the clients that I will develop a marketing plan (with help from SPU) to identify.”- Karen Holman

At SPU, I have the support I need to create just such a practice – from branding to blogging, to home-office technology, to running a paperless office, to balancing work and family life, to in-depth substantive training and more. Unlike the competitive tenor of law school, I greatly appreciate that everyone at SPU – from the founders to the phenomenal instructors to the students – is invested in seeing everyone else succeed. Perhaps most importantly for me, at SPU I have all of this in a flexible format that allows me to learn at my own pace and on my own schedule (and with a chickenpox-covered, sleeping toddler on my lap, as is the case tonight). – Amy Martell

@Adrianos #SPU U need to sign up for Solo Practice University if you’re a new lawyer. Wish I had this 2 years ago: - Adrianos Facchetti

“I can attest to how cool SPU is–I joined on the first day enrollment opened. I’m already learning a ton of “what they didn’t teach you in law school” over there. For example, I just checked out the personal injury 101 class and read through the instructor’s outline of a personal injury case, from making the phone ring to closing and retaining the file.

SPU seems to be oriented to those devil in the details things of running a law firm that terrify new lawyers into mistakes, or worse still, non-action. I’m not affiliated with SPU at all, I just believe that SPU is the resource that I’ve always wanted to help me start my law practice, including figuring out how to do it while still raising my kids in the way I want.”Dallas Lain

@vpynchon - had lunch with #SPU student; she is ridiculously excited & can’t believe the students get so much value for such a reasonable price! nice.

Susan – I’m really enjoying SPU so far. I feel a bit like a kid in a candy store, I want to sign up for everything! I’ve learned quite a bit from the blogging course and have started in on bankruptcy and T&E. Can’t wait for the others to begin! - Jackie Bedard

“This weekend I finally had a chance to spend some real time listening to some of the classes that interest me and I am very impressed. You have done a phenomenal job bringing such quality instructors to teach here at SPU. I look forward to future classes.” – Patrick Roth

Classes have begun at Solo Practice University:

Bankruptcy - Jay Fleischman

Social Security and Disability Law - Jonathan Ginsberg

Prosecuting & Defending Legal Malpractice - Brooks Schuelke

Personal Injury Law 101 - James Reed

Trusts & Estates - Patti Spencer

Outsourced General Counsel - Linsey Krolik

Smart Marketing - Mark Merenda

Creating Video for Lawyers - Gerry Oginski

Macs in the Law Office - Victor Medina

Branding & Copywriting - James Chartrand

“Real World” Legal Research - Richard Maseles

Legal Sanity Career Strategies - Arnie Herz

Forming a Family Law Practice  - John Harding

Products Liability - Craig Niedenthal

The Art of the Deposition - Victoria Pynchon

The classes will continue to roll out this month as will the announcements of new faculty joining SPU.

The best part, whether pre-recorded or live and recorded for future learning, you have access 24/7 to all classes regardless of when you enroll so you can always catch up.  Faculty have generous office hours so you can interact and ask questions about what you are learning. And each classroom has an Official Study Group where there is a lively exchange of ideas ‘after class’ with your classmates.


Tuition at Solo Practice University™

Tuition at Solo Practice University™ will remain as follows when you enroll by Friday, April 17th, 2009 12:00 Midnight (That is Midnight TONIGHT.)

Lawyers/Law Students

$425 annually /  $127 quarterly /  $75 monthly

Designated as an early-adopter you help us get steady on our feet. As a thank you above tuition remains locked for life.

Enroll April 18, 2009 – March 19, 2010:

Law Students*   $495 annually /  $147 quarterly /  $75 monthly

Lawyers            $595 annually /  $175 quarterly /  $75 monthly

We reserve the right to close the door to new students at any time we feel Solo Practice University™ needs to be ‘fixed’ so as to improve the students’ ultimate educational and professional networking experience. We’ll fix what needs fixing and then reopen to new students.

If you wish to learn more about SPU you can do so here including course offerings . We are truly hoping you take advantage of the lowest tuition you will ever see at SPU which is locked for life. As you can see, the  feedback we’ve been getting from those who are already benefiting from Solo Practice University™ is everything we had hoped to hear.

We’re waiting for you!

*Law Student - defined as currently in law school through graduation and until sworn in.

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