Private Beta Begins August 1st

It’s been a very interesting two weeks as the ‘bones’ of Solo Practice University ™ get ‘dressed’ for presentation. And private beta will be starting August 1st.

These past two weeks I have:

  • Talked to world renowned experts on the best way to meet the needs of the students;
  • brought on more teaching rock stars for a total of 45 faculty members ready to ‘teach’ ….really teach…and that’s just the beginning!;
  • Been testing the functionality of the site (absolutely incredible!)
  • Been putting together my team of private beta testers

Soon, we will start introducing you to the faculty so you can see why I (well, actually everyone) call them rock stars. Quite frankly, I don’t think it would be even possible to create an event or conference where you could get all this faculty to one venue then teach their expertise as well as provide ‘office hours’ where you can visit for extensive Q & A. And if you could, it certainly wouldn’t be affordable for ninety-nine percent of us. As I write this I’m still amazed.

And, no, you’re not dreaming. This will be available to our students. All of it. But sometimes I do have to pinch myself. Why? Because it’s pretty wild to see your dream come to life.

Solo Practice University ™ is my dream.

A successful solo practice is yours.

So, stay tuned. Dave and I will be posting soon about the University Co-Op, Job Board, and much, much more. :-)

Yours truly,


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